28 March 2018

Film - Marjorie Prime (2017)

Film – Marjorie Prime (2017)

‘Marjorie Prime’, the film, was very good. I found it by typing into the Internet best sci-fi films of 2017 and came up 15th on the list so I was not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.

What particularly got me going was the line: "it's nice to love someone" which for some reason brought back memories of my friend Robert McDonald who died a few years ago this week. In particular stories about him and his mates shipped off to a foreign land, Las Malvinas, the Falkland Islands, and shot at by other young men who were still teenagers themselves. The war began on Friday, 2 April 1982. Killing each other.  He was 18. He witnessed death as any soldier must and I met him when he was in his late 40's but the feelings he had for life and people were very strong and overwhelmed me at the time. The commemorations bringing the inextricable link between my friend and brought the war to the fore.

And it was only today watching that film hearing that line thoughts summed him up to me. Because he did love, despite or because of what he'd experienced on that godforsaken island in the late 80’s defending something he believed in but gave him strength we so admired as a survivor to move the people around him, including me, and that he said that, as he told me the story about his young soldier friends dying in battle was the day that I fell in love with him.

No new memories anymore, sadly, only old. Old memories like photocopied copies of a photocopy. Each memory being a memory of the memory of the memory. Each time fading to nothing in parts and reinforcing in bright primary colours in others. Still, it's my memory and it is precious to me.

A sci-fi film does not have to be about survival on Mars. It is always about survival on Earth. About the survival of the self through love.