21 September 2015

tVCabbage at The Wall Tavern, Whitstable on Saturday 10th October 2015

What a great summer that was of festivals and beaches. We're now ready to move indoors again for our monthly gig down The Wall Tavern in Whitstable and to kick off the winter season we're going to keep it an internal affair this month with the salwart tvc DJ's taking centre stage on a half rotation throughout the night. At least it's going to start off like that but, hey, we'll see how it goes.

tvc links, if you need to find out more:

Recordings of various sets from back in the day: http://www.mixcloud.com/louie-court/


Mike SU

TV Cabbage - Party People

tVC sound system was formed in 1986 in Whitstable, Kent, UK.

tV Cabbage or tVC are now a louche collective of artists, musicians, producers, technicians, promoters and DJ's who all work together to produce the best house parties they can for the people of East Kent.

Well that's what we try to do. Normally things are bodged together at the last moment if a venue or invite comes through. Whoever can be arsed gets the shit together and we bosh it out.

Pre-house the music played was an amalgam of reggae, hip-hop, American and UK underground guitar music as well as old punk and psychedelic. This was played under the tVC moniker at house parties, free festivals as well as various halls and student venues around the Canterbury area.

As house music exploded in the late eighties, crews, or DJ's from crews, such as DiY (Nottingham), Tonka (Brighton) and The Lazy House Crew (Bristol) began to appear on the free festival circuit. This amalgam of traveller and 'raver' lifestyle began to produce hybrids like tVC and Aphrodisiac in Kent. Inspired by the free party ethos of the travellers the parties began to take the form of gatherings once the free festival circuit had been ‘crushed’.

tVC philosophy is:
free parties for free people.
tVC support and condone the free party movement worldwide as a means to personal and spiritual enlightenment.
tVC think the Criminal Justice Act is an unjust law and unnecessarily criminalises law abiding party goers.

tVC are a louche part time collective of part time, well the odd weekend now and then, hedonists, DJ's, producers, artists, technicians, promoters and writers dedicated to house music free parties as a means of pleasure, fulfilment, a base for networking and an exchange of ideas. Amongst other things in their lives.

tVC Sound System was born in 1986 in Whitstable, Kent. They were named after the 'Gaye Bikers on Acid tune' "TV Cabbage" from the album "Drill Your Own Hole" released in 1986 on Virgin records. Before the house explosion and the adaption of the Do It Yourself ethos Drill Your Own Hole kinda sounded like the thing to do at the time. So we drilled. The band had a lead singer called Mary. Paul, Nick and Carl, the founding members, thought that was mildly amusing, and, needing a name for the band promotion 'enterprise' that they had just set up, choose tVC. 'We just wanna get bands into Whitstable', snarled Carl.
During these early days they promoted thrash, American underground and UK traveller bands and anyone else they could. Often badly. Playing their favourite music between bands (reggae, hip-hop, guitar based US and UK thrash) they were forced to buy some decks. Learning the promotion game didn't come easy and it seemed like it wouldn't last long. In fact it didn't come easy or last long. Within two years the band promotion stopped.

In between this hectic promotion schedule they did a few house parties for friends. Started a reggae/hip-hop night at the local Labour Club (on a Wednesday) and went to a few free festivals with the decks and a few little speakers. They saw Hawkwind (several times) Subhumans/Culture Shock, The Dub Warriors: the scene was alive and extremely active. It was a time of enlightenment; of exposure to the traveller values of vegetarianism, individualism, egalitarianism, anarchism. They went to Stonehenge in '87 and saw the police break up the celebrations.

Back home squatters took over several houses in the area. They were always up for a party. tVC always had the kit to do it and, naturally, were always up for a party too. If a band wanted to play; great! Just put 'em through the desk.