13 April 2014

Derrick Patterson pulls a full house

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“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!” 

C. JoyBell C.


That was one old cold, wet and long winter but be prepared for the 2014 summer of love as tvc come out of the closet blinking and stumbling into the sunlight for a veritable feast of carefully prepared events to celebrate the upcoming long, hot deep summer in east Kent.

Saturday night and another tvcabbaged at the smack looms. This week we have Derrick Patterson, a stalwart of the scene, coming down to entertain the deep house Whitstable people. I guest its still too early to go continue things on the beach after we close the pub up but, you know, as the weather warms up and we can be guaranteed the warm nights are once more upon us, the drive, the need to celebrate the coming day by worshiping the sunrise round the fire with a few friends and a few tune will become so predominant that we wont be able to help ourselves. Meanwhile we'll just have to contend with gatecrashing some generous DJ/friend/dancers house if they so generously offer their sofa and kettle up.One can only hope.

On other news the bank holiday season starting next weekend for Easter signals the start of the regular tvc sunset celebrations outside Keam's yard on Whitstable seafront. Here you can expect like minded friends old and new to share some deep chilled vibes whilst we watch Gaia do her work and provide a free spectacular light show. BBQ's optional.

These Whitstable sunsets are deserving of their legendary status because as the sun descends over the horizon the London smog and fumes bends the light into some spectacular patterns and colours. The boominator, a green, solar powered mini rig will enable us to quietly appreciate the first of the bank holiday weekends sunsets. More details about this and a flyer will be up soon on this website and the tvc Facebook page.

Also coming up this summer will be the third Pridstock Festival. Started in 2012 to celebrate tvc (and splosh) stalwart Jon Priddy's 50th birthday the festival has now become a regular fixture of the tvc calender. This year we have a great new site for the party as we move away from the old share and coulter pub field. One benefit of this is that beat and sol, our old partners in the share and coulter site, will still be promoting their own weekend there based around live music acts and their own unique solar powered vibe. the dates for 'pridstock' are 15, 16 and 17 of august and the dates for 'summer lovin'' are 8, 9 and 10th august. Why not support both events?

Pridstock will of course have a few choice bands that Mr Pridstock loves and has personally selected for their eclectic input to the festival but it will be mainly a celebration of the deep house music we love and cherish with all the DJ's from Splosh! and tvc and a few well chosen special guests. A glorious weekend of Deep and Deeper house music. Details of this event can be found on the pridstock website or fb page. Basically there will two dance tents, splosh and tvc; and Geoff's Mess Tent hosting 'The Bottom Bunk' with Rob Lynch, Roots Locker and some very special guests.

tvc tent will be more chilled and informal with the best of the local DJ's present and performing. We not only have Pete Woosh from DiY as our special guest for the weekend but also the former Alien Nation DJ's Warren and Stu Long alongside Tim Elms taking care of a full on Friday night for us. As the weekend progresses the vibe will become cooler and more chilled. Subway Sounds DJ's Steve Newin and Del (TBC) will give us a great Sunday afternoon of hip hop and chilled vibes and for Saturday afternoon we have the one and only Roots Locker and, from the Midlands Rob Lynch, with the best of deep reggae and roots and a promise of some dub shenanigans across all areas particularly the roots reggae cafe.

As for another cracking tvcabbaged at the smack...
Derrick Patterson pulls a full house for tonight's set, keeping it dubby and techy to start but injecting soul and that magic mixing element. the groove always, relentless and churning. vocals, Detroit  Chicago proper grooves along nicely.  The crowd really love Derrick and warm to his every move. After he poses for photos and hangs out. All in the best possible taste of course.

Mike SU provides more than able support and he's on form tonight. He weighs the odds and plays his then takes them to the next level.

Next weekend: we're down outside Keam's Yard on the seafront with the solar powered boominator for a few tunes and a gentle lap of wave as we watch the sun go down. First one of the bank holiday chill gigs of the season.