18 April 2014

The Pridstock Diaries. Jon meets Chu and the birth of Splosh!

The Pridstock Diaries will bring interviews with the founders, the artists, the bands, the DJ's, the helpers and the humpers at this years Pridfest.

To kick off Jon priddy talks about, Chu, Splosh! and how he got into house music.

A pint with Jon Priddy down the Neptune in Whitstable.

So you've known each other 20 years?

Yeah, me and Chu met on a computer course and I'd just come out of hospital and my mate John was doing this course on Apple Macs in Birmingham. He needed to make the numbers so he rang me up and said 'do you want to join this course?' I met Chu there and gave him a lift home. Ever since then...

You've never look back?

Well, he ended up painting my car, a 2CV. He used to be known as tuma; he kind of changed his name.

On the actual graffiti scene he ended up knowing everybody. He gets involved in stuff all over the place. He's worked in Afghanistan.  Ibiza. Amsterdam. 

His main love is painting big murals but doesn't get a chance to that very often so ends up doing a lot of design work. His photography is really good. He's a brand consultant designing logos, the whole look. That's why it takes him a long time to do the work for the Pridstock flyers; it's not something he can knock off in an afternoon. He needs to think about where he's going with it, the colours, the lettering, everything. It's all thought out, you know? He's a bit geeky like that... (laughs). 

I remember years ago, we'd be sitting in a pub like this and he'd be sketching while we're talking. Constantly, couldn't stop. And his brains a bit like that. He gets the verbal diarrhea going... it gets him into a bit of trouble sometimes. But he's kind of like my adopted little brother, really. That's how it's always been. We've pissed each other off a few times; as you do. but, we've got one of the those long term friendships.

So, Chu used to do the flyers for me for the Splosh! parties. He didn't do the really early ones but you can see the point where Chu got involved.

The Splosh! thing really come about because a coulple of us were late into it really. In the late 80's some of us discovered rave music. Stub used to come round to the pub with a hoody on, sweating his nads off. He'd been away for 36 hours or something and he'd been out raving. We'd all take the piss out of him. We were still grunging it up a bit but getting bored with it all. Stonehenge had all come to a horrible crunching end and we'd missed all that '86 [campaign].

So I was running a stall flogging Indian clothing and jewelry in Birmingham and Universities up and down the country. it was bloody hard work. To be honest I made more money selling Rizlas and stuff like that. You know, an 'ethnic trader'. Then I did a stall at my first rave.

Part two tomorrow...