17 May 2012

if there is one real art form that truly can live in the miniscule moment of the tiny present and be free in that moment it has to be dance music

Homeland - Series 2 - out in the Autumn;
can't fucking wait!
Think you live in the moment? Well, you don't. But you should strive for it because it may well make you very happy indeed.

Another sunrise, another sunset, another tVC party at the Smack in the gloriously middle class bolthole of sunny Whitstable. ‘How much is you house worth? Fascinating!’
All the sunrises, sunsets and parties are all the same but at the same time they’re all different. Just like the leaves on a tree they’re still leaves whichever way you look at it. A pint is a pint is a pint.
Mines a Hurliman thank you!
The only difference, and it is of course the crucial, most important difference, is that this party really is happening now, in the present in the real life here and now.
It is really fine when I hear people reminisce about things ‘back in the day’; about that brilliant tune they heard that made them fall in love with the world or that ‘greatest party ever’ they experienced. That does not of course mean or justify they can come up to me while I’m DJing going;
 ‘Oh, can you play Faithless’ Insomnia’ or some such tune from not the time that is the present that is now but represents some time that is the past and has past.
‘I remember the time that I come in my pants/was so blissed out I fell in love with a glowstick/ met my abusive future boyfriend/crawled around on my hands and knees with my trousers round my ankles baying like a dog/closed my eyes and fell over’ or some such happy memory is always associated with the request of the tune. Now I don’t know if they want to recreate the feelings of the past or are hoping to relive the past or are they just living in the past? Who knows? I don’t. It is always, I can assure you, based on something that happened to them whilst they were living in the present of that time.
What I’m trying to do here is not sound pretentious or ‘up my arse’ (©IffyBoatrace) or unnecessarily trying to  over-complicating a difficult concept by philosophising or twisting the meaning or even, heaven forbid, to impose my own interpretation or meaning on what is probably a very innocent situation of some poor dancer wanting to hear an old tune that they used to love.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not against that per se what I am trying to articulate here is that if there is one real art form that truely can live in the miniscule moment of the tiny present and be free in that moment it has to be dance music; particularly dance music that is made up on the fly by that DJ in that moment and with the notion that even he or her has never heard that particular combination of sounds ever before and nor have the dancers.
It is purely a celebration of living of life of the moment. Breathe that breath in, breathe that breath out, listen to the music, dance and look around you. Enjoy it. If there, in the moment you are now living in, is a particular tune that you have never heard of that makes you have a tiny little wee in your pants (equivalent epiphanies are also acceptable) because you are so excited to hear it in the moment then by all means ask the DJ what the track is called so that in ten years time you can hassle the DJ at your local club for some track that is ten years old that he has never heard of and as you ask him for it and see him roll his eyes as he thinks ‘oh here we go again some one asking for an old track from ‘back in the day’ you can quietly add on the end of your request that ‘hey, did you know that when I first heard this track down the Smack with tVC 10 years ago a little bit of wee came out because I was so excited to hear it?’
The idea of that is that if you live in the moment, and don’t they always tell you to do this but not how to, then this will somehow manifest into some deep or profound happiness that you can then carry around like a beacon the rest of your life bringing it out every now and again to blast your hot breath over it and polish it until a genie appears and tells you that the life you now live has some purpose.
It’s all BS of course because living in the moment is all about just that and not thinking about what a bitch your ex girlfriend is/was, or how you would like to win the lottery or bag that dream job or how you just know for certain that essay you just handed in is going to be pasted by that bum fluff academic at college or how your mother used to spit on a hanky and rub your face with her stinky spit and coo ‘that’s better’ or how the sound of helicopters puts you in a blind panic as it reminds you of that great scene in the TV show ‘Homeland’ where he is rescued from being kept in a hole in the ground for 7 years or, even, that you have no money in your pocket to buy another pint or get a cab home. I wonder if the Israeli version of ‘Homeland’ – Hatufim - is any better than the US version?
No, living in the moment is about NOT being aware any of this guff, or even your own made up or true guff that is being projected by your mind into the screen on the inside of your forehead. It’s not even about being aware of not being aware. It’s about not being happy or unhappy because you are not aware of the philosophical concept or notions of happiness or unhappiness when you live in the moment; you only exist; you are. Particularly whilst having sex. Psychologists at Harvard University found that people were happiest when having sex, exercising or in conversation, and least happy when working, resting or using a home computer. I find I’m happier, or rather I don’t find I’m happier because, ta da, I shouldn’t be aware of it, when I’m DJing or talking to a lovely chum who is saying interesting things to me.
All this was going through my mind as I stood outside the Smack sucking on a roll up waiting for my half hour turn on the decks. So, there I was thinking about something other than what I was actually doing and breaking all my own rules about living in the moment.
This team of Psychologists at Harvard University conclude that reminiscing, thinking ahead or daydreaming tends to make people more miserable, even when they are thinking about something pleasant.

I could have told them that.


A man who is aware cannot move in the past, because it is no more. A man who is aware cannot move in the future, because it is not yet. A man who is aware lives in the present, herenow. Here is his only space, and now is his only time. And because he is only herenow, time as such disappears. Eternity is born, timelessness is born.