24 January 2012

Looks like we are on for a cracking surprise party...

"Bloody hell! Rosie told me she invited you to her birthday dinner on wednesday ....did not tell me she knows about the whole thingy on saturday...doh. oh well, we can all shout out 'not a surprise!'"

So, I was standing behind the decks, fingers poised cuing the beginning of ‘the travellers song’ ‘Free Bird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd, on 7”, the live version, over and over again and awaiting the arrival of the special one we call ‘Rosie’. She was late. She always is. For everything. At least this is one of the last few times she can ever be late for anything where I am left waiting for her. She may be late for her goodbye meal on Wednesday; we’ll see. At least, this time, I don’t interpret the late arrival of a close friend to a meeting with me as sign of their disrespect and uncaring devil may care attitude to our friendship.

Rosie is going away on holiday for a bit so we’re making a big song and dance for her just to let her know we love and care for her and will miss her terribly and all that stuff. She thinks it’s a meal with ‘the girls’. It’s everyone who loves her. It is really a party.

It starts at 6pm. It is now 6.45pm. Free Bird’s intro has looped about 8 times.“I had a bet”, says Nick EyeSaw tapping his nose and winking, “that you’d play that about 8 times”. We laugh. I cue it up for the ninth time. The door knocks; it’s her. I drop it; "If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me?" tinnily fills the air.
It’s all so business as usual as we all launch into the well-worn slipper of the party. Rosie, who is usually the centre of attention is even more so the centre of attention and she’s loving it; got time for everyone, a hug for everyone, a good word and a conversation for everyone. It’s nice to see.
The fridge is full of Cava, which I tuck into and drink it like it’s lager; which is kind of a bad move. Particularly around 1.30am when I feel absolutely crackered and have to go home. Sitting outside getting some fresh air I ring the gf, who is at her friends party elsewhere in Whitstable. She has my car under the proviso she gives me a lift home. “You OK for another hour or so?” she asks. No. “Half an hour?” No. “OK, I’ll come and pick you up.” Which she duly does, drops me off home and then goes back out again. I say!
Here’s how the fb story unfolded;

OzHey guys. Try and keep sat 21st jan 2012 free. Our lovely Rosie Ochs is leaving us soon for a year or so and is travelling the world. We'd like to give her a great send off and have a surprise leaving party for her. More on this soon but the main thing is 'keep it quiet'. Oh, and let me know if you can make it... Px
Rebecca Sorry am in london this weekend...just arranged in last few days and cant really change due to family commitments, Im sure you will give Rosie a good ol' send off...Thanks for invite..and have a great night as you always do x x x
MousebearWill be there.. fab idea x
Jenny Yes! We'll come along to bid her farewell... x
Tort Brilliant idea - yes I'll be there. And Terry says yes tooo xx
Susannayes x
oh and shes 40! that week!

Louie I will see what i can dooooooooooo!!!!!
Shaun oh yes !
DodgerI've got something on, but I'll try and wriggle out of it.
Nicola Count me in x x
Lalaoooh think i can indeed make it! X
Dave BernerYes sounds like a plan.
Bal Will do
Mia BroomanWill try my best. X
Ed Me too
Robert Yes will be there x
Zoe sweet, my lips are sealed xx
Tanyaoh what a fab idea we all love our rosie be great to give her a good send off! :=)
Justin We'll be there.
Geoff Yeah dude i`ll be there.
Brummie I'm not comin! Far too envious Of course I'll be there. X
Oz Oh and it is her 40th birthday.

Lin Looks like we are on for a cracking surprise party...well done Oz. So, everyone gather secretly and quietly at mine, at 6pm on saturday 21st Jan, so we can all yell 'surprise' when she turns up at mine, as she thinks she is having dinner with a couple of friends at 6.30. hope we can all fit in. Bring a bottle and maybe a cup cake! Linxxx
Brilliant Lin!!! Well done!! Can't wait x

LalaFantastic! Well done Lin, and Oz and all!
Nicola Oh yes, we'll done oz toooo x
Lin Hello everyone....just to remind you that it's an early doors party for Rosie....to get to mine for 6pm on the 21st. Unlike the traditional Tvc 8am finish, because I am off to Ghana the next day, it won't be a go on til the morning party...so those who would like to party until dawn will need to plan an afterparty somewhere! We can still fit in a good 8 or 9 hours though! xx Lin xx
Shaun ok x

obviously the cat is out the bag - i couldn't possibly mention who!!! - as on sat rosie invited me to her party that i had spent minutes organising. doh. 'if you havent heard...' she said. so, don't worry about keeping it quiet just remember lin is off to ghana the day after so it'll be an early start early finish kind of thing. see you all sat!
Justin Well it was nice of her to invite you.
Ruth I
magine if she hadn't! Awkward
Lin bloody hell! Rosie told me she invited you to her birthday dinner on wednesday ....did not tell me she knows about the whole thingy on saturday...doh. oh well, we can all shout out 'not a surprise!'