29 August 2011

ozzytvc says: coo-eee!

[] frances grant says: xxxx

[] ozzytvc says: coo-eee!

[] frances grant says: helloooo

[] ozzytvc says: bye!

[] frances grant says: bye

[] ozzytvc says: :)

[] frances grant says: (blush)

[] ozzytvc says: (chuckle)

[] frances grant says: (sweat)

[] ozzytvc says: thought you were going out! :O

[] ozzytvc says: oh! you have! (clap)

[] frances grant says: leaving now

[] frances grant says: c ya xxx

[] frances grant says: i'm back

[] ozzytvc says: so am i

[] ozzytvc says: you need to right click the skype icon in your sys tray (bottom right on the task bar) > change status > then 'away' when you're away. talk to ya later!

[] frances grant says: i went out again

[] frances grant says: :*

[] ozzytvc says: can't listen to music and talk on skype!

[] frances grant says: i cant talk

[] ozzytvc says: i know! i've seen the states you get in!

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] frances grant says: i just put my status to skype me and i got 3 calls in 1 minute

[] ozzytvc says: from who?

[] frances grant says: 3 blokes

[] ozzytvc says: according to the thing you're 'away'...

[] frances grant says: den and someone other 2

[] frances grant says: i changed it quicktime

[] frances grant says: what is yours on?

[] ozzytvc says: i've been getting them from all over europe. chiefly women from eastern europe.

[] frances grant says: i se io've changed it again

[] ozzytvc says: online

[] frances grant says: wicked

[] frances grant says: u working tom?

[] ozzytvc says: my names paul

[] ozzytvc says: hahahahahaha

[] frances grant says: tee hee hee

[] ozzytvc says: no

[] ozzytvc says: i've gotta drop off my 4000 word assignment.

[] frances grant says: what u up to then?

[] frances grant says: oh

[] frances grant says: where to

[] ozzytvc says: one of my learners sent me a xmas card with a letter in it.

[] frances grant says: and

[] ozzytvc says: and asked me to ring her and meet 2morrow at 1

[] frances grant says: and

[] ozzytvc says: i haven't rung her yet

[] ozzytvc says: funnily i'm listening to the woman we don't talk about on http://radio.myhouse-yourhouse.net/

[] frances grant says: does she fancy you then?

[] ozzytvc says: i think so

[] ozzytvc says: she's lives at the local women's refuge

[] frances grant says: sounds dangerous

[] ozzytvc says: very

[] frances grant says: u like dangerous then?

[] ozzytvc says: what does she want?

[] ozzytvc says: i wonder?

[] frances grant says: she wants you

[] ozzytvc says: i thought i liked dangerous.

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: i don't

[] frances grant says: me too

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: you don't?

[] frances grant says: def not

[] ozzytvc says: fitzy just fucked the mix up there...

[] frances grant says: i heard

[] frances grant says: nice sounds though

[] ozzytvc says: say something in the shoutbox

[] ozzytvc says: we can have a quick chat there

[] ozzytvc says: you be, er, thunderclap

[] ozzytvc says: and i'll be hoos dood

[] frances grant says: ok

[] ozzytvc says: i'm in there saying the wrong thing as usual...

[] frances grant says: why?

[] ozzytvc says: coz i said 'you ho' by accident

[] frances grant says: ooops

[] frances grant says: theres no one in there

[] ozzytvc says: shouldn't laugh

[] ozzytvc says: i am

[] frances grant says: it says i joined

[] ozzytvc says: http://radio.myhouse-yourhouse.net/ half way down the left hand side - the shoutbox

[] frances grant says: but theres no one else in there

[] ozzytvc says: theres hoos, matty,klutz,sandy mill.

[] ozzytvc says: how many do you want in there?

[] frances grant says: i must be in the wrong place

[] ozzytvc says: http://radio.myhouse-yourhouse.net/ half way down the left hand side - the shoutbox

[] ozzytvc says: shoutbox?

[] frances grant says: i did the shoutbox at the top of the page

[] ozzytvc says: naw, it's at the bottom, left hand side... it says - Enjoying the show? Hit us up on the shoutbox!

[] ozzytvc says: are you on the right webpage? http://radio.myhouse-yourhouse.net/

[] frances grant says: yeah i see it now but i've lost my bottle

[] ozzytvc says: go on!

[] ozzytvc says: i'm shouting for you!

[] frances grant says: what does mellifluous mean

[] frances grant says: i turned it off now

[] ozzytvc says: aw mate! it's the bloody intrnet! noone knows who you are!

[] frances grant says: yeah but i'm not like that

[] frances grant says: honest as the days long me!

[] ozzytvc says: mellifluous means - Flowing with sweetness or honey.

[] frances grant says: oh

[] frances grant says: some just wished me a mellifluous new year

[] ozzytvc says: or Smooth and sweet

[] frances grant says: nice

[] ozzytvc says: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=mellifluous

[] ozzytvc says: Middle English, from Late Latin mellifluus : Latin mel, mell-, honey;

[] ozzytvc says: why?

[] frances grant says: hes a public schoolboy

[] ozzytvc says: someone just said the drugs are nice?

[] frances grant says: what

[] ozzytvc says: mellifluous

[] ozzytvc says: so, doing nothing but having a relax tomorrow. might ring that dangerous battered woman up...

[] ozzytvc says: might meet her ex

[] frances grant says: ur brave

[] frances grant says: i'm not up to much

[] frances grant says: works more or less wound up for me

[] ozzytvc says: your job is now done

[] frances grant says: done most of my xmas shopping

[] ozzytvc says: i ain't done any

[] ozzytvc says: waiting for it to go away

[] frances grant says: what u doing for xmas dinner

[] ozzytvc says: got an invite to round a friends house with him and his mrs and their kids.

[] ozzytvc says: feel like the sad childfree single that i am

[] frances grant says: i dont feel much better myself

[] frances grant says: going to my mums with my boy and his mate whos got no mum

[] frances grant says: no tobz now

[] ozzytvc says: ah

[] ozzytvc says: aw

[] ozzytvc says: ooh

[] frances grant says: oh well

[] ozzytvc says: next!

[] frances grant says: onwards and  upwards

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: no point in dwelling over spilt milk

[] ozzytvc says: plent more fish etc

[] ozzytvc says: y

[] frances grant says: no point at all

[] ozzytvc says: he wasn't right for you

[] frances grant says: thanx

[] ozzytvc says: maybe he was then?

[] frances grant says: no i meant it

[] ozzytvc says: oh good

[] frances grant says: why do u say that?

[] ozzytvc says: coz i don't want you mourning all over xmas

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: hahahahahahahahahahahah

[] frances grant says: u think hes a bad boy

[] ozzytvc says: (chuckle)

[] ozzytvc says: he's funny

[] frances grant says: he is that

[] ozzytvc says: real badboys have no sense of humour

[] ozzytvc says: maybe

[] frances grant says: hes fucked up a bit

[] ozzytvc says: se you got yr photo up

[] frances grant says: but so are most men

[] frances grant says: i did i did

[] ozzytvc says: naw. most men are fucked up a lot.

[] ozzytvc says: and so are most women

[] ozzytvc says: but sometimes a bit more

[] frances grant says: i'm not fucked up

[] frances grant says: i'm eating a pack of mini cream eggs

[] ozzytvc says: thinking you're not fucked up means you're fucked up.

[] ozzytvc says: go girl

[] frances grant says: i'm not perfect but i'm not fucked up

[] ozzytvc says: i had spaghetti with red mushroom sauce and crayfish tails

[] ozzytvc says: you don't know what is in your unconscious mind

[] frances grant says: i dont lie to myself very well anymore

[] frances grant says: i trained myself not to

[] frances grant says: what do u mean?

[] ozzytvc says: just coz your ego holds everythng in place doesn't mean that unconsciously your unvoiceed issues aren't there.

[] ozzytvc says: unvoiced

[] frances grant says: i used to have the most negative thoughts

[] ozzytvc says: things you've forgot

[] frances grant says: but i dont have any now

[] ozzytvc says: or not even thought about

[] frances grant says: i dont have to hold anything in place anymore

[] frances grant says: i just am

[] ozzytvc says: i drink therefore i am

[] frances grant says: i smoke

[] ozzytvc says: you're connected to points in your past

[] ozzytvc says: life shaping events from your childhood you probably don't even remember

[] frances grant says: i've dealt with all my past emotional shit

[] frances grant says: i've remembered it all

[] ozzytvc says: 'dealing' is an ongoing experience. it never ends

[] frances grant says: i'm now dealing with the physical stuff

[] ozzytvc says: no one can remember everything

[] frances grant says: i guess ur right

[] ozzytvc says: still you're dealing... that's the main thing.

[] ozzytvc says: anyway, i'm off to bed.

[] frances grant says: ok babe

[] frances grant says: sleep tight

[] ozzytvc says: i need to read or something after coming off the puter

[] frances grant says: :*

[] ozzytvc says: or i just stay hyped up for ages

[] ozzytvc says: :^)

[] frances grant says: enjoy ur read then

[] ozzytvc says: got todays paper to finish. catch ya later skype buddy!

[] frances grant says: se ya babe

[] ozzytvc says: yo!

[] frances grant says: morning...

[] ozzytvc says: morning

[] frances grant says: whats happening?

[] ozzytvc says: well, i rang her.

[] frances grant says: i'm having cheesy biscuits and a cup of tea

[] frances grant says: what did she say?

[] ozzytvc says: i'm saving myself for lunch at dukes.

[] ozzytvc says: she said pick me up.

[] ozzytvc says: take me out.

[] ozzytvc says: dubious bit in the middle. undiscussed.

[] ozzytvc says: take me for a walk

[] ozzytvc says: take me home

[] frances grant says: whos paying?

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: guess?

[] frances grant says: oh well

[] ozzytvc says: feels funny this but... what the hell?

[] frances grant says: why so funny?

[] ozzytvc says: why why why? i keep asking myself.

[] ozzytvc says: i don't even know who she is!

[] frances grant says: sha fancies you

[] frances grant says: you must like her

[] ozzytvc says: not too sure.

[] ozzytvc says: i'm not a big love at first sight person.

[] ozzytvc says: takes a while to build up with me.

[] frances grant says: so she looks good then?

[] ozzytvc says: well, how important are looks?

[] frances grant says: its important if ur looking for someone to be with

[] frances grant says: but one mans meat is anothers poison

[] ozzytvc says: so they say.

[] ozzytvc says: me and julia have fallen out

[] frances grant says: why?

[] frances grant says: best that way i say

[] frances grant says: shes big trouble

[] ozzytvc says: she's saying to everyone i offered her 15year old daughter ecstasy

[] frances grant says: and u didn't

[] ozzytvc says: well, at cageys party i said to her 'can i get you anything? crack, ecstasy, beer?' i was fucking joking. she declined, with a grin, and i got her and her mate a beer.

[] frances grant says: i wouldnt worry about it

[] frances grant says: shes trouble

[] ozzytvc says: julia has 'extracted' the info from her. and decided, being the judge, jury and executioner that she is, to spread the word about how horrible it is to offer drugs to a 15 yo.

[] ozzytvc says: who i've seen pissed, high on E and god knows what over the years.

[] ozzytvc says: this is a woman who'll snort lines of coke up in front of her.

[] ozzytvc says: 2 faced hypocritical twat. that's what she is!

[] frances grant says: great example she is feeling guilty maybe coz she the one whos shown her the way

[] ozzytvc says: she's trouble. and i ain't worrying about.

[] ozzytvc says: anyway....

[] ozzytvc says: that's that done and dusted as far as i'm concerned.

[] frances grant says: good

[] ozzytvc says: next!

[] frances grant says: another nutter???

[] ozzytvc says: why not? that's what i seem to attract and go for.

[] frances grant says: me too

[] ozzytvc says: who knows where todays utter will take me?

[] ozzytvc says: n

[] frances grant says: not over the edge hopefully

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: i just seem to end up shaking my head and rolling my eyes half the time.

[] ozzytvc says: she's got 2 kids and a violent ex. nice.

[] frances grant says: but u fancy her anyway!

[] ozzytvc says: still gonna have an afternoon  out with her. what's a walk and lunch? it'll give me a chance to talk to her and suss her out.

[] ozzytvc says: a little. pointless being attracted to someone you don't know i say. what's she like. she might be boring or stupid or obsessed about something or abusive herself...etc etc

[] ozzytvc says: she might not have a sense of humour, be depressive, self harmer, paranoid, a jukie...

[] ozzytvc says: n

[] frances grant says: who knows

[] ozzytvc says: who knows. i'll let you know later... today.

[] ozzytvc says: anyway, what's on the frarn-o-meter today then?

[] frances grant says: probably some shopping

[] frances grant says: a little work too

[] ozzytvc says: food, chrimbo prezzies?

[] ozzytvc says: you like christmas then?

[] frances grant says: its ok

[] ozzytvc says: you coming down the bubble  on friday then?

[] frances grant says: i am

[] ozzytvc says: when?

[] frances grant says: today?

[] frances grant says: tee hee

[] ozzytvc says: come early we can go out and eat...

[] frances grant says: friday i guess

[] frances grant says: ok

[] ozzytvc says: no portuguese here though.

[] frances grant says: oh well

[] ozzytvc says: you got plenty of cash? we can book a table at the sportsman.

[] frances grant says: my fave is the sportman so far

[] ozzytvc says: shall i book us a table?

[] ozzytvc says: we'll have a right old spendathon slash munchathon slash drinkathon!

[] frances grant says: i think i liked it more coz Tobe paid

[] frances grant says: its not cheap

[] ozzytvc says: ok. fish and chips from the takeaay it is then...

[] frances grant says: ok

[] ozzytvc says: w

[] ozzytvc says: sounds better anyway.

[] ozzytvc says: you looking at 30 a head at the sportsman.

[] frances grant says: i like good food but i dont like big prices

[] ozzytvc says: and i don't wanna remind you of toby do i?

[] frances grant says: i think the bill was 70 when we went

[] frances grant says: thats true

[] ozzytvc says: ouch

[] ozzytvc says: we could go to tescos and buy 70 sobs worth of top food and just cook in at mine!

[] frances grant says: and what will they think of me turning up with 2 blokes in a month

[] ozzytvc says: and wine and beer.

[] frances grant says: wed get wrecked

[] ozzytvc says: wed then get wrecked? you're a fast mover....

[] frances grant says: a little faster

[11:25:21] ozzytvc says: they'd think oh she's got it sussed...

[11:25:31] frances grant says: lets go then

[11:25:36] ozzytvc says: ok

[11:25:39] frances grant says: tee hee

[11:25:56] ozzytvc says: ho ho

[11:25:58] frances grant says: i dont think wed get a table for friday

[11:26:03] ozzytvc says: (chuckle)

[11:26:40] ozzytvc says: oh, you wanna go for the sportsman? i though you meant the tesco option.

[11:27:00] ozzytvc says: magic numbers onthe radio. i love em!

[11:27:16] frances grant says: it'll prob be the tesco option

[11:27:25] frances grant says: what radio?

[11:27:44] ozzytvc says: wunnerful radio 1

[11:27:51] ozzytvc says: the wilesta

[11:27:54] frances grant says: ok

[11:28:25] frances grant says: i keep getting loads of mad people skyping me

[11:28:31] ozzytvc says: she don't love me like you do

[11:28:39] frances grant says: asking for allsorts and not bassets

[11:28:49] ozzytvc says: so say it say it anyway

[11:28:58] frances grant says: u singing

[11:29:02] ozzytvc says: yeah

[11:29:13] frances grant says: i want to hear u

[11:29:28] frances grant says: tee hee

[11:29:46] ozzytvc says: you got a headset?

[11:29:54] frances grant says: no

[11:30:06] frances grant says: i'll get one today

[11:30:19] ozzytvc says: she don't listen to you anyway, so say it say it anyway...

[11:30:30] ozzytvc says: i hate that wiley when she cuts tunes off.

[11:30:43] frances grant says: bitch

[11:31:33] ozzytvc says: anyway, fransta i gotta go to college in canterbury now and hand in some work i ain't finished coz i'm a lazy twat....

[11:31:53] frances grant says: ok hun

[11:32:03] ozzytvc says: then i gotta go to sittingbourne to pick up this strange woman who i don't know and entertain her all afternoon.

[11:32:12] ozzytvc says: then... i can relax.

[11:32:34] ozzytvc says: see ya friday then? you can stay at mine if you don't have a better offer...

[11:33:13] frances grant says: why thank you

[11:33:24] frances grant says: i'm just sending you an email

[11:33:30] ozzytvc says: s'cool

[11:33:32] ozzytvc says: ok

[11:34:17] ozzytvc says: daves back though

[11:34:21] frances grant says: ok

[11:34:25] frances grant says: and

[11:34:49] ozzytvc says: he's gone all 'wild' and 'uncivilised' and 'laddy' again...

[11:35:05] frances grant says: a bit like tobe then

[11:35:06] frances grant says: tee hee

[11:35:08] ozzytvc says: kept me up till 1am last night blaring out his music.

[11:35:19] frances grant says: bad lodger

[11:35:24] ozzytvc says: then woke me at 7. blaring out his TV.

[11:35:43] ozzytvc says: he's hogging the washing machine.

[11:35:48] ozzytvc says: messing my kitchen up

[11:35:59] ozzytvc says: filling, and splilling, ashtrays.

[11:36:06] ozzytvc says: leaving clothes lying around.

[11:36:12] frances grant says: hes a liability

[11:36:14] frances grant says: tee hee

[11:36:23] ozzytvc says: honestly. i feel like his fucking mother. cleaning up aftr him.

[11:36:31] ozzytvc says: he is a effing liability.

[11:36:33] frances grant says: i know how you feel

[11:36:34] ozzytvc says: but...

[11:36:40] frances grant says: get a clean lodger

[11:36:42] ozzytvc says: does give me rent money!

[11:36:55] frances grant says: did u get that mail ok

[11:36:57] ozzytvc says: so, i guess i have to ket him off!

[11:37:14] ozzytvc says: just checking!

[11:38:29] ozzytvc says: xxxxxx

[11:38:45] frances grant says: xxxxx

[11:39:02] ozzytvc says: anyway, mate gotta dash. will talk to you later. no doubt.

[11:39:07] frances grant says: ok

[11:39:08] ozzytvc says: (party)

[11:39:10] frances grant says: have fun

[11:39:17] ozzytvc says: <gulp>

[11:39:19] frances grant says: :P

[11:39:35] ozzytvc says: smiley with tongue out!

[11:39:41] frances grant says: why not

[11:39:47] ozzytvc says: (mm)

[] ozzytvc says: laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................................

Record Ratings.

  1. Buy it and play it whenever and where ever I can and dance to it!

  1. Get up on the dance floor and cut a few moves on the podium.

  2. Get up on the dance floor and cut a few moves in a dark corner.

  1. Tap my foot and nod my head to the bass line. Yeah, few nice ideas. Worth watching.

  1. Sit and listen to it whilst enjoying the company of my friends and the sunshine.

  1. Something Warren or Theo or Shaun would play, not me.

  1. Frown worryingly and establish eye contact with friend.

  1. See 7 plus: There’s a bit of pain involved here (Purse lips, suck teeth, wince. Watch them crows feet).

  1. No. Not for me.

  1. “Where’s the exit? I need to leave the room. Now.”

  1. Music to die to. “Pass the loaded gun; I’m going to shoot myself.”

Not one single word of either love or friendship

It does so deeply sadden his heart

That out of a chance meeting of two broken spirits

Did not come a more human connection of souls

All that grand and meaningful talk

That passed between these two human people

Of friendship and mutual kindness

Now rings such a death knell of such awkward, twisted silences

Not one single word of either love or friendship

Had passed between them for so long

Only quiet distress and gasping sorrow

“Do not worry my friend” – for that is what he still considers her – “I shall not seek to trouble you, nor it seems, you me”

When her once steady and smiling gaze

Now moves swiftly from his

When common sociality is ignored

Amongst the warm love of a shared family

When a friendship is lost

It does so deeply sadden his heart

24 August 2011

is ago quod diligo

this to spend time and to value highly...


At the weekend I met with my old friend Mia at Tracey and Bod’s party. I hadn’t seen her for, five years she says, such a long time. We were speculating about if you want friendships you have got to nurture them and put some work into maintaining them. We both agreed we didn’t do that, couldn’t be arsed to do that and, you know, we always knew that that person was there and that we had occasional thoughts about them and still loved them despite never actually making an effort to go see them specially. You can of course always pick up where you left off with a friendship. Can’t you? So it doesn’t matter if you don’t see them much. Does it? Mia said it was five years but it seemed like just one year to me. Or ten minutes.
Mia’s old friend Rebecca ended up playing a little set with her. Mia was already on the decks playing a few tunes she’d dug out and I’m going to Rebecca, with Mia’s encouragement, go on, join in and play a few with Mia. I always fondly remember them playing together at parties through the years but it was only later in the evening that Mia told me that that was the first time they had played together for 12 years. I nearly shook my head off in disbelief. 12 years? Couldn’t believe it.
I had my brother down the other week picking his tools up that I had stored for him while he sorted his life out. He recently sold his house and wanted to go travelling with the little money he made off selling it and paying his debts off. I asked how long he had lived there. He said it had been 10 years and in all that time I had never visited him once. He just looked at me. Didn’t say a word; just looked. Oh, the shame. In my mind he had just moved in and I was, I really was, still planning to visit. It’s the same with my Mother; she’s lived in Canada for over 20 years and, you guessed it, I still haven’t visited.
I remember this young girl around 16 or 17 who started coming to tVC parties around 1995. She was what people would describe as a wild and free person; pursuing her own agenda; exploring life in her own way. Everyone respected her strength. She always had a good thing to say about everyone – unless you pissed her off -  and always had a smile on her face. She loved partying, as we all did. She had a great face; her teeth really filled her round face when she smiled. Her hair always pulled back. She wasn’t a feminised, girly type of woman or an androgynous no sex person either but she was assured in her sexuality and always had a great bear hug and a growl for her favourite people. Before I know it, she’s suddenly in her 30’s. She went off for a while and came back to Whitstable and I met up her with again at the that bastion of liberal left leanings, the Whitstable Labour Club, a few years ago where she would go quite often; I think she worked there as well. Everyone at the Club loved her and and when she entered the room everyone would be shouting out 'hi Sash'. She was well liked but sometimes clashed with people who tried to dictate to her or give her ‘advice’ or tell her off for laughing so loudly or being drunk. My God she had a loud laugh. The biggest, loudest  laugh was always for her detractors and her friends. The drunker she got the louder she got. She always laughed, sometime too heartily, at all my crap jokes. I loved her for those personal moments she gave me, her smile, and her hugs, the late night chats. Her name was Sascha Bishop and unfortunately she died last weekend when she fell out of a window supposedly trying to get a better signal for her mobile phone. She always did things her way.
For me it was yet another moment that rammed home the passing of time. How I just sit around on my fat arse barely engaging with the world or my friends who love me or who want my time or attention and I’m, as another dear, yet neglected, friend Jenny Wareby so succinctly put it, ‘too up my own arse’ to notice or care. A bit like Sascha in a way, common sense is not my strong point and when I wonder where all my old friends have gone and why they don’t come to me I realise that friendship is a two way street and when someone like my brother stops coming to visit me because he’s just waiting for me to make the effort to go and visit him and, now, for me it’s too late as he’s off in the van he bought and I’m not going to see him for a while.
I’m not going to see Rebecca or Mia for a while either and as I moaned to Mia about my 50th birthday party last year, reeling off a list of names like Timo and Jes and the rest of the Dover lot, who never came to celebrate with me because, let’s face it, I rarely made the effort to go and see them, I realised how hurtful inattentive friends can be and how much damage they can inflict on the people who love them and when their love is not reciprocated.
If I do go out or do make an effort it is always to play a DJ set somewhere. I’ve got loads of time and energy for that but then again if it wasn’t for my Djing I’d probably never go out at all. I be sitting there in my living room looking through lists of tunes, fiddling with the tech and avoiding eye contact with the world. Just like a DJ does.
I’m also going to miss Sascha a lot; not that I hung out with her much these days; she was one of those friends, those cozy friends who you know so well for so long and occupy that warm, familiar part of your brain that you put the people you love in. I did end up in the same room or pub with her sometimes of late; like the rest of the Whitstable night life folk we do love a drink and a late night talking bullshit till sunrise. No, I’ll miss her because this is one old friend I will never get the chance to catch up with and ‘carry on where we left off’, never get the chance to not visit her or bump into her around town or at a party and to look into her smiley moonface and laugh at that silly wave she used to do. Such a shame that the very act of neglecting and not nurturing friendships and the hurt I feel because of it was rammed home that day I heard about her death.

There I go again, feeling sorry for myself and using someone elses tragedy as the reason to feel that way.Or maybe life is just like that sometimes?

18 August 2011

in medias res

Roughly defined, in ‘genre’ terms, the, ahem, ‘havin’ it’, party is explosive enjoyment, an unbridled exposition of ecstasy, and full on, go for it, piston pumping, sweat inducing, exhausting 48 hours of a dance marathon. Just like it was, or should have been, in that mythical land called ‘back in the day’ or ‘you should have been there’.
Some parties, indeed virtually all parties, actually exist outside this particular area and timescale and do not involve massive crowds, Vicks, whistles, glow sticks, fights with the police, ‘having it turbo nutters’ fuelled by wheelbarrows full of psychedelics or the presence of ‘banging psy-trance’ through a 40K rig for days on end. Just like most of punk history took place outside of Punks Ground Zero, the ‘Pistols at the 100 Club’. Still, people carry these myths around like they were really true or something.
Not so my weekend. Mine was a weekend journey that begun and ended in medias res. The term 'anti-party' was used for a short while in my underpants, for a brief moment in 1993, to describe parties that seemed to reject or even despise the conventions of the, by now mainstream interpretation, of dance culture; though for much of the dance parties history many promoters have been doing precisely that in the name of historical and psychological realism. Upturning or downscaling the stereotype of the weekend clubber – don’t you just despise with a scary, body shaking loathing the term ‘raver’? The reality in fact was, and is, the types of parties we put on and attend week in and week out beared more connection to the reality of partying than the tired old media sterotype ever did. The real parties we called them. Our parties are not ‘hardcore’ but still we enliven, illuminate and add to a genre that once dominated the UK nightscape and still holds a considerable grip on our imagination.

Our parties now are in medias res; in that what we do is neither the beginning of it all nor the end of it but the middle of everything; subtly observed, memorable and appear on the face of it to go nowhere in particular. They are gaunt, mysterious and superbly calibrated. The party itself shimmers on the brink of some kind of mass hallucination. The balance of power of mind over matter shifting subtly and inexorably as we trudge ever onward into an existential unknown; or Sunday morning, whichever comes first.

First up on Friday, behold, the great BJ and Lauren joint birthday party. Taking place on our favourite beach in Whitstable ’twas an affair of much love, gentle appreciation and easy friendships renewed and added to in a way most positive and fortuitous to those who attended. Food, fire and music provided diversions for the senses and some visitors from afar, well London, added a neat spice to the curry.

Luck fell on our side as ‘The Green Machine’, a hideous brain, soul and sap sucking venue of egrarious, blatent exploitation and violence not 200 metres up the beach was fortuitously closed for the night. No ‘Electrosexual’ night (sorry James), no ‘MashUp’ night, no sad sack ‘ladies free b4 10’ flyers littering the beach, no desperate promoters trying to fill a venue everyone in Whitstable with ears (pun intended) avoids like the plague. No under aged teens high on vodka and bloodlust. No ‘electoclash’, no best shirts and loafers, no white rings round nostrils. Indeed the site of all our beach parties for 20 years, now the venue, strangely, eerily silent. Peace at last. Only our old chums Delicious shining a torch of hope into the darkness created by their own mia culpa.

The beach hut served as our base of operations for the evening’s proclivities which included a well stocked BBQ, some serious sunset and sunrise watching and plenty of oohs and aahs for the glorious colours in our Turner-esque skys. With the ZedHeads starting the night and Oz and Mike SU ending the night and beckoned in the sunrise with some cool deep and weird sounds, natch. it was only after the sun had risen that the heavens decided to open and the rain came down. Perfect.

After the dousing it was back to tVC HQ for another 4 hours of Traktor led chilling on tea and conversation; I say conversation but it mainly consisted of winding our old trance chum Dr Ed up in a gentle and friendly way of course ;-)

Saturday was the regular tvcabbaged at the Smack night. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have reviewed this night but suffice to say our guest Mark ‘Masterbreaks’ Croucher served up a Serato laden dish of cool breaks with sprinkles of madness to the usual deep house crowd who, I think, appreciated the change, and gave him a hearty welcome into the tVC bosom.

After the crowded sweatbox of the Smack it was up to Leigh and Lee’s welcoming arms for her, ahem, 21st birthday party in the sumptuous grounds of their vast acreage. It was here that Oz and Mike SU, again, getting to become a bit of a habit this one, entertained the peace loving people and overspill from Delicious’s third birthday party taking place elsewhere in the town that very night (I wonder where?). Thank god for the old tVC after parties or no-one would ever have anything to do. Ever. Surprise guest Derrick Patterson, for it was he, slipped us a couple of quick vinyl sets of sumptuousness before the CDDJ’s evident disappointment that there was no CD decks there at all. I, of course, pointed out that we vinyl junkies always carried around two massive decks everywhere we went so that we could play whenever we like and asked why CDDJ’s never did the same?

I left around 4am, abolutely cream crackered from two solid nights of DJing, but rumour has it that the festivities continued well into the early morning of Tuesday. I shit ye not.

9 August 2011

You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police

 In the north London borough of Haringey youth clubs were shut after the youth services budget was slashed by 75% after a cut of £41m to the council’s overall budget. Hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the UK are affected. Gang experts, MPs and sector workers are warning that these cuts – which have hit youth services harder than any other area of local authority spending, according to the education select committee – could have a serious impact on the safety of young people in urban areas.
Experts predict rise in crime

The smash ‘n’ burn attacks on High Street stores and vehicles on Saturday and yesterday came days after the death of Mark Duggan, who was killed in an alleged shoot out with police.

But unlike the Arab spring protests, which used the very public social media forums Facebook and Twitter to rally the troops, BlackBerry’s version of IM was the favoured mode in the capital according to anecdotal evidence.

BlackBerry UK – the official Twitter account for the troubled smartphone maker RIM – made a move away from dishing out technical advice to users.

“We feel for those impacted by the riots in London. We have engaged with the authorities to assist in any way we can,” it stated.

BBM (Black Berry Mesenger) allows users to send one-to-many messages to their network of contacts, who are connected by "BBM PINs". For many teens armed with a BlackBerry, BBM has replaced text messaging because it is free, instant and more part of a much larger community than regular SMS.

The Inside BlackBerry blog was hacked into on Tuesday afternoon by a group calling themselves TeamPoison. In a statement posted on the BlackBerry website, the hackers said:

Dear RIM;

You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all, the Police are looking to arrest as many people as possible to save themselves from embarrassment ... if you do assist the police by giving them chat logs, gps locations, customer information & access to peoples BlackBerryMessengers you will regret it, we have access to your database which includes your employees information; e.g – Addresses, Names, Phone Numbers etc. – now if u assist the police, we _WILL_ make this information public and pass it onto rioters…. do you really want a bunch of angry youths on your employees doorsteps? Think about it…. and don't think that the police will protect your employees, the police can't protect themselves let alone protect others….. if you make the wrong choice your database will be made public, save yourself the embarrassment and make the right choice. don't be a puppet..

p.s – we do not condone in innocent people being attacked in these riots nor do we condone in small businesses being looted, but we are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government…. and before anyone says "the blackberry employees are innocent" no they are not! They are the ones that would be assisting the police.
The hackers said they defaced the website "in response" to this statement made by RIM on Monday: "We feel for those impacted by the riots in London. We have engaged with the authorities to assist in any way we can."
A spokesman for RIM said the firm was looking into the apparent website hack.

And unlike Twitter or Facebook, many BBM messages are untraceable by the authorities.

One BBM broadcast sent on Sunday calls on "everyone from all sides of London" to vandalise shops on Oxford street.

It said: "Everyone from all sides of London meet up at the heart of London (central) OXFORD CIRCUS!!, Bare SHOPS are gonna get smashed up so come get some (free stuff!!!) fuck the feds we will send them back with OUR riot! >:O Dead the ends and colour war for now so if you see a brother... SALUT! if you see a fed... SHOOT!"

Another sent shortly before the outbreak of violence in Enfield on Sunday afternoon reads: "everyone in edmonton enfield woodgreen everywhere in north link up at enfield town station 4 o clock sharp!!!! Start leaving ur yards n linking up with you niggas. Guck da feds, bring your ballys and your bags trollys, cars vans, hammers the lot!! Keep sending this around to bare man, make sure no snitch boys get dis!!! What ever ends your from put your ballys on link up and cause havic, just rob everything. Police can’t stop it. Dead the fires though!! Rebroadcast!!!!!”

Catching the fire-starters retrospectively is possible as RIM can pass over decrypted versions of BBM chatter.

The reasons the kids love BBM is that it’s cheap, quick and confidential.

Ofcom’s annual report found 37 per cent of UK teenagers said that BlackBerry was their primary means of communication – a big turnaround for a technology seen recently as the most corporate of handsets and services.

Why the sneaker-wearing arsonists needed BBM, Twitter or anything else to co-ordinate the attacks is anyone’s guess, as the police helicopters hovering over Brixton for hours on Sunday night were a tell-tale sign that trouble had spread from north of the river.


Most wanted rioters....
short hot summer 1981

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