4 July 2011

Best kept hidden this one...

This local festival has been going for, I believe, 6 years now. My partner in most things tVC Paul, aka the line manager, gaffer, Oz, “miserable northern cunt” (never said by me as I have a longstanding love of northern downbeatiness) has, I think, played at each one, though his relationship with its organisers has been fraught ever since tVC ran the dance tent at the first one (for nothing, of course) and there was what is only ever referred to by all concerned as “an incident” involving Stoney, a dog, and another northern miserabilist, one of Lounge’s owners and creators, Sean Porn.

Given that Stoney and a dog are capable of causing a nuclear conflagration I would have said that everyone must have got off lightly, but it seems feelings between all parties are still at the walking on eggshells stage so the obtaining of our set at Lounge usually involves texting Sean at some point in February, shaking his hand vigorously once a month at our visits to see some of the great music at his venue The Farmhouse, and then pumping his promoter, Canterbury Steve, for info every time we see the poor fucker. This usually results in a text from someone 3 days before Lounge of the type “can you play the Beer Tent at 2 pm on Saturday”. Which we do with love and relish, a chance to play for friends, tVC fans, people I haven’t seen since school, my kids…always in a lovely, drunken afternoon atmosphere.

By Wednesday though, I knew the game was up. Somehow we’d slipped from the lower leagues into non-league- Ryman or Beazer Homes league. Luckily I still managed to get a free ticket, as my other, and better half, DLL has overtaken me as the well-connected, popular, attractive half of our unit. Having got me a freebie to see Morrissey at the Hop Farm the previous week, she trumped it with a free ticket to Lounge to see my other teenage love, Echo & The Bunnymen. But I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the festival as much as I should, because I’d be upset I wasn’t playing records in a tent with Oz on a sunny afternoon with our friends drifting in and out smiling big and wide.