8 July 2011

Surely not all gazebos are anti-social?

come on in! room for everyone
 In Glastonbury’s Fine Guide - they do ask you not to bring gazebos (in fact it's the first point under 'Getting ready'); “Gazebos take up other people’s camping space and usually get trashed – please don’t bring one”. So why do people, year in and year out bring these monstrosities to festivals, set them up and proceed to tape off vast areas around them like some primeval dog metaphorically pissing on trees to mark its territory?

Did you know the word "gazebo" comes from 2 ancient Chinese words, gaze and bo meaning friendship and shelter respectively.

Louisa1969 says on the efestival forums - “I got into a fair few arguments when I arrived (at midday Wednesday, so not exactly 'late') with people taping off areas. There was so little space and it was raining and they didn't give a shit that people were having to walk extra miles so they could be selfish.

'Err we've got 6 tents coming later'

'Well, I have a tent here NOW soooo.....'

I may have called a fair few selfish cunts.

Really annoys me.

I don't mind the odd gazebo, as long as people don't take the piss. I happened to wander up to the camping area above the Pyramid on the Sunday, obviously prime camping territory, which we'd all like to enjoy if we could. I was shocked- Never has so much space been taken up by so few! There was HUGE gazebos, all joined together to create massive spaces for just a few people. Some had closed off gazebos that actually looked more like marquees! I stood there, thinking back to my little tent, crammed in with the other tents in the Dairy Ground, occasionally interspersed with a pleasant, social gazebo and just thought.... 'you selfish bastard”

Teddington Says, on the efestival forum : “Ridiculous this year. Huge Gazebo's erected by narrow minded knob-heads, only surpassed in their selfishness by their owners taping tents together around them to "deter" people from walking near "their" area.

Suffice to say I made a point of walking to my tent via a Gazebo where possible - if any tape got in my way then that was unfortunate......for the tape.

Seriously, it would be very simple for the site to ban such behaviour- why don't they?"

ste reckoned: “One group was there just after us about 9am-ish and immediately taped off a massive area with about 4 tents - by Wednesday night 'their' area was full but as they taped off that much you could have fitted at least 3 tents in the middle of them... I did walk through 'accidentally' on the Friday.”

Ooh 'ste' was so naughty. I think I would rather talk to somebody else than bother 'taped' in people. They always seem so much more ‘hey we are the taped in people; how dare you try to talk to us’. Or, as PabloCoke puts it; “Taping off is evil and is a very easy way to spot twats.”

The issue here is of course space, which is a scarcity on all packed festival camping fields. To blame gazebo’s, which only seem to reinforce this lack of space, is of course ridiculous. Why can’t they allocate some decent space for everyone? In my blog on tents being left behind at festivals space is also part of the problem there too. If everyone had a respectable size plot then guy ropes wouldn’t be stood on so much and tents wouldn’t get ripped as often. Who knows? I know if you are staggering back to your tent pissed up to the nines and you are going to trip on a guy rope and fall over what better way to break your fall than a handy tent? Also, if their gazebo is fucking massive why not set your tent up inside their gazebo for some extra protection from the elements?

So it might be a matter of space and gazebo’s are innocent protectors of hair from the rain or skin from the sun when useful. What is really the problem is people taping of areas. It’s a festival; no-one has any privacy, no one has any personal space; all the space belongs to all the people and that includes your taped off area. People tying guy lines around the ’porches’ and other ways of stopping people passing through is downright anti-social and these people must be stopped. Now!

This from halfpint; “We had people near us that created wall like barriers trolleys etc to stop you getting through. It makes me laugh as they themselves have to walk past peoples tents to get out.”

Yeah, if you’re going to tape off ‘your’ area so I can’t get access you’d better not walk past the front of my tent. Right?

Wrong. Don’t stoop to their level. Far better if you do have the nerve and balls to put a gazebo up in the first place then to share your facility with your immediate neighbourhood of fellow festival goers. Perhaps gazebo’s aren’t so bad if you share the shade or shower potentialities with your new chums. formed a band says: “We have a gazebo, it’s not taped off, it has a sign saying we will happily move it if in anyone’s way. It’s also decorated with loads of massive clash finders. Quite often it’s made us a few pals to share a quick beer with in the shelter/ shade.”

Nice festival spirit showing here. Perhaps gazebo’s aren’t so bad? Hassibeeninyet says “Our neighbours had a smallish gazebo. They let us use it while they were away for both when it was raining and on the Sunday when it was very hot and I felt I wasn't going to make it through (shouldn't have mixed the grape and the grain). When they came back all was pleasant and they didn't even ask for their space back, just their seats as they were knackered. Glasto spirit once again.”

When we last camped we were asked to take our Gazebo down (specifically, the cover, they didn't mind the frame!) - claiming it was to do with CCTV.

Luckily, there wasn't much more rain after then - the random people that had sheltered underneath it during various down pours seem quite grateful I'd put it up. It wasn't blocking any space we didn't already ‘have’."

solve all your annoying taping round tent issues
geebus: “As for taping off areas - well, not everyone WANTS to be actively-social. I like chatting with random people wandering through our camp. If others don't, fair enough to them. I do find it makes it a bit annoying to walk through the campsite - but not only is it very hard to stop, but is considerably less annoying/anti social than flags in front of the stages and people trying to 'block' others through moving through the crown to my mind.”

Yeah when I want to be actively unsocial I go to a festival, set up a gazebo, tape it off, sit in the middle and don’t talk to anyone all weekend. Then, when I go to see a band I take a massive fucking flag right down the front of the stage and wave it around like the stupid prick that I am. Plus, if everyone sees me doing it then maybe, just maybe, everyone else will see how fun being so anti social is and bring their own effing gazebo with them next year.

Solution from papasmurf?

I use a Coleman Classic Awning, packs down the same size as a folding canvas camping armchair, can be used behind a parked vehicle,or attached to a tent, it has a lot of headroom, and covers a biggish area. My wife and I park a motorcycle and sidecar, a trailer and a solo motorcycle under it. It also mean if it is persisting down with rain you can get in and out of the tent without rain entering the tent.

Solution from Flange Basket; T.I.T.W.A.N.C. Taping Is Tolerated With All Neighbours' Consent.

Yay! We love festivals!