18 July 2011

Derrick Patterson at Lounge on the Farm 2011

Hold The Entertainments Page - DP smashes Lounge

DP surveys his natural domain
The new enlarged Lounge On the Farm had turned the cowshed, which was formerly the main stage, into a dance arena for the under 20s, featuring lots of musical genres whose bpm far exceeds the ability of my pace maker, or brain to keep step with it.

I was worried what this year’s festival would offer its original audience, the over 40s semi-retired local raver, but my ageing mind was set serenely to rest by the programming of the Meadows Bar tent, which boasted a really good little sound system. Local boys Sideways and Buttaphingaz? Check. Simon from Bent? Check. Adamski? Double check (though only cos I thought he was going to reprise his seminal keyboard gigs that put the icing on the cake of late 80s orbital parties like Sunrise). DJ Format? Justin Robertson? Congo Natty and Adrian Sherwood? Yes please. Inspired choices.

And the Lounge debut of local boy Derrick Patterson. Except Derrick’s not local, he’s South London through and through, and like the lovely man and great dad he is relocated to Broadstairs a few years ago to bring up his kids by the fresh sea air. So it was a big moment for him to get his rightful play at his local festival. Derrick has music, and especially house music, in his blood- he was humping speakers for reggae sound systems as soon as he could speak, and worked for many years in the best record shops in London, Black Market and Red in Brixton. His friends are like a who’s who of quality British house music- Dave Angel, Ashley Beedle, Phil Asher, and they love and respect him. He has played many a set with our own Oz, at Pendragon, tVc parties, and I’ve even been lucky enough to have them play together in my front room. His involvement in this show case of Kent’s DJs was long overdue.

I’ve travelled up to London and down to Margate many times with my dancing partner DLL to see Derrick play and he’s never made a mile of the journey wasted. He always plays with his heart and soul, his love of music and his love of people loving house music shining through with every mix. He is one of the few DJs who is not too shy or cool to show how much he loves playing and transmitting his love of music by his interaction with the crowd, strutting like Prince, grinning infectiously like Bill Cosby on a pill, he dares us not to get involved, get down and dirty, lose our boring self conscious daily selves for a couple of hours and GROOVE. His Lounge debut was a typical DP set, uniting the disparate diaspora of music lovers that had randomly gathered in that tent. I’ve seen him do it at the west coast Bar in Margate, or Pendragon at Jamm in Brixton, where he can take a mixed crowd from 60 year old hippies to ketamine munching dubstep obsessed adolescents and have them all grooving to his sunny, bassy mix.

DP is never predictable - his sets will leap across the many manifestations of deep, soulful and tech house, dropping a Mr Fingers classic in after something that was released that morning that he burned onto a CD while his lovely wife- the only way he makes it to his gigs on time- was warming the car engine up. Watch the video to see how he fills a tent with his energy and life time love of house. The man has pedigree- post a comment at the end if you want DP rocking the Lounge again next year. As he says- music is the food of life. And house music is his main course.

Simon tVC