24 March 2011

TV Stink – Entourage

Sharks have reported looking up and seeing a leaping Entourage.

Entourage, now in season 7, is hanging onto its own coattails, just as the Entourage crew hang on to the coat tails of the laconic antihero Vince. It satirises, if it indeed satirises, nothing but shows that satirise Hollywood yet it ends up falling for its own depressingly shallow, stinking charm and just like all outer edge heroes they all eventually get absorbed by the mainstream and diluted down for mass consumption.

It never was a critique of Hollywood but purported to be a warts and all "behind the scenes" look at the life of an A-lister. Even the real A-listers, in cameos, did pastiches of themselves. It is basically a male version of Sex and the City without the laughs or the clothes. It's undemanding comedy-drama, which is well written and has high production values; it’s wish fulfillment TV basically, in bright, shiny half hour doses but with less interesting characters that never really develop; but then that's not what the series is about.

Entourage simply found a comfort zone and went downhill from there, the high point of Entourage was the "Medellin" story arc, but it definitely went stinking from there. Vince is increasingly becoming more annoying and less believable as the story unfolds even though from day one he was very annoying and very unbelievable he is now even more so. Let’s be honest, without the characters Ari or Drama this programme would have been canned years ago.

Sharks have reported looking up and seeing a leaping Entourage. I hear season 8 is only 8 episodes. Then a movie will follow in about 3 years when the time will be right. Maybe it will be more like Sex and The City then? Sex and The City 2 anyone?

Comfort bromance; it's a bit jaded but still it manages to entertain. Am I supposed to care about this person's movie career? Who he, or any of his tiresome friends, is fucking? Because I just don't. Sex and the City for Men is right. And that’s not a good thing. It's a lot safer and more mainstream than most HBO fare, however, in its defense, even an HBO programme going slightly off the boil is still a million times better than 99% of British-produced drama. There, I said it, as Chris Rock would say.

Sasha Grey stinks the joint out in this season - porn stars going mainstream never seems to work out. The whole Vince/Sasha storyline left a lot to be desired, in part thanks to the majestic acting talents of Ms. Grey. Still haven’t seen a female character or walk on this season that is size 12 or over, which is a bit of a piss take. It’s casual misogyny not seen since ‘On The Buses’.

Can't wait for Vince to hit rock bottom - don't care if it is predictable, it's shallow, entertaining, good looking TV. This season in the UK was supposed to be somewhat based partly on Charlie Sheen's life in the 90's, i.e. the drugs and porn star girlfriend (Ginger Lynn), and if they can manage to make the final season based on Charlie's current problems I, for one, would definitely watch. I can only imagine Vince's character going on a coke-fueled binge at a Vegas porn convention, living with two porn "goddesses" and then doing a TV interview where he talks about having "tiger blood" and how he's "duh, winning". It would be hilarious and a great way to end the stinking series.

Entourage - Series 7. Episode 10/10: Lose Yourself Thursday is on 31st March at 22:15 on Sky Atlantic.