24 December 2010

Countdown to New Years Eve Part 3

So, anyway, Stu and Wendy the tVC backdrop people with their lovely ultra violet inspired backdrops, are taking the NYE easy road and just coming along as dancers and hopefully just enjoying the party for its own sake and not having to worry about working at all. Nice. What we are going to have instead is the interior of the venue covered in plush material all around; removing that ooh we’re in a box with windows again. Also Brummy Jon’s light rig he uses for the ZedHeads gigs will be put into retirement for the night and some spot on club lighting rig is going to be used instead. Mark, our new partner in the gig, will provide all this and it should give the room a different angle, a new perspective which will be great as, you know, maybe, some of our old criteria for decorating a room – i.e. no criteria at all- - may have been getting a bit a stale if you think about it really. Not hanging on to the old ways just because they are the old ways can be a spiritually cleansing experience if you look at it in the right way.

Another thing we are hoping to get going properly will be the tVC soundcloud site. A bit of a shambles at the moment. Already we have around 50 sets currently being thought about being uploaded for your perusal. This site will be used to archive all our old party tapes / minidisks / hard drive recordings from over the years so expect stuff from 1989 to 2011 (NYE party sets straight up there don’t you know?) Currently frantically converting everything to MP3 we may be on it for a while till we get sick of it then have a rest then get back on it. I’ll post all sets on here and tVC Facebook page as and when they arrive. So, getting cracking Louie, Si and Jon.

Also old issues of Tangentopoli, will be posted on this blog as soon as they are scanned in. The blogger image up loader is shit so this may take some time. Currently issues 1 to 13 are up so another 35 or so to go.

Rig wise, I do love the tVC rig but humping it around town and country in a fleet of tiny cars piloted by soon to be drunk people is not the best course of action so we’re hiring in a 10K rig to do the duty this NYE party. As long as there is someone to engineer it properly throughout the night then I’ll be well happy.

All that remains for me to do is get my mixer back from Dantix where it is getting a refurb slash service and I can get stuck into the thousands of tunes of mine all shelved up and pull out a few new year crackers for those old enough to remember.
I was at work today and me and a colleague went down to the local greasy spoon, Piggy’s in Chatham, for lunch. On the way there I was playing a CD in the car of one of my old sets back from 1989. “I was born in 1989”, he says.

God, I felt old.