23 December 2010

Countdown to New Years Eve Part 2

Warning: contains neurotic angst. Or how I learned to delegate resonsibility and take all the glory.

What does one do when the whole world is conspiring against you? Gaze into your navel and find evidence to back up your fears that's what.

Now, looking back at the last blog and reflecting on what was said provokes thoughts of an ingrained, unchangable, unadaptable behaviour on my part and questions my ability to adjust to new situations and how to handle it well. An adapt and survive mentality could well be the desired outcome for my present situation.

Let me explain.

What do I do if someone else, who I don’t know, finds the venue and offers it to tVC? I don’t know them but they have this venue and want to do a party. They also want to play some records at this party. I'm trepardous. Don’t know who they are or what music they play. Do I say yes because I want to do a party?

I said yes.

I’m used to designing flyers and tickets but this venue booker and his mate want to design the tickets. Do I let them? Do I have a choice? Didn't even get a chance to decide. They did it anyway and the tickets are not in keeping with the tVC style. Do I get upset at that?

The answer was yes but only for a short while.

I always, without question, like to use the tVC rig, its fit for purpose, its 5K, more than enough for the size of the room and have our lighting and backdrop people decorate the room. That rig IS the tVC sound; it is warm, punchy and that top high end is so crystal clear it makes me weep with pleasure sometimes. It is our sound. What if the guy and his mate say they have a rig that is 10K and our rig is not going to be used? What if they say they have some other form of decoration and they intend to use that?

They did say that and I said nothing and went along with it because I don’t want to make a fuss or appear like I’m against their ideas. Is it a tVC party without the tvc rig, without the tvc lights, without the tvc backdrops? They say it is.

I usually sort the DJ’s out; ask them to play, book slots for them and they are usually deep house DJ’s that have been playing with tVC, some for over 20 years. What if this guy and his mate want to book the DJ’s and sort the running order out. Booking say, a drum and bass DJ, a hip hop DJ, a funk DJ; what if the guy himself plays progressive something. Do I let them do that?

Yes, I’ve let them do that.

Is it still a tVC party without the tVC DJ's playing when they want and not having to fit in around other DJ's who have little or no experience of the ethics of a tVC party? To have our old friends and collaborators, like Subsdance, who we have partied with for over 20 years, play at the party is a priviledge. We have a tradition, a legacy, we have something special that should be respected. We have party peoples children come to our parties because their parents met at one of our parties. We have a proud lineage of maintaining the deep house flag, the truest form of house music, the original form of house music. It is free party house music and that is what our parties represent more than anything else.

What if I say don’t publicise the gig on Facebook, because, as regular readers know, every time we advertise a tVC gig on Facebook we get unwanted attention from the police. The local police inspector says he reads our Facebook pages and the blog? What if they don’t listen to my opinion and go ahead and advertise it on Facebook anyway?

They did anyway.

What if when I mention all these concerns to them do they not listen and just go ahead and do what they want anyway?

They did and they are. Oh, it all seems wrong to me. Like I’m not involved at all in the organisation, implementation or delivery of the event. It seems like it is not a tVC party and it isn't. It's something else.

Maybe I should just embrace that and wait till the summer and do a real old school tVC bash on the longest day? Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Now, I've got that off my chest I'm looking forward to New Years Eve. Not a tVC party per se but tVC-lite perhaps. We have all our best and regular DJ's playing from about 2am onwards till the close. Before-hand we have Steve Newing and Stu warming up with some funk, hip-hop and reggae. The fabulous Jenny Subsdance playing some swing house; Butterfingaz, maybe, with some D&B slash breaks. Mark Kerr with an hour of progressive house and tech (I think - have been awaiting a demo CD but nothing has appeared so far) then out guest DJ, Dantix, from the Margate Unite Posse. This will take us to about 2am when the tVC small arms squad take over till dawn and beyond. They are; Warren, the Meister providing old classics and new bangers; Mike Sun Up, deep minimal tech; Cottage Pie Si, the new boy playing this and that, all deep, eclectic, we like; Oz (on for 20 minutes, if that - probably going home early because he's "tired" or who knows a nice hour of fluffy new stuff) then Rosie the finest female deep house DJ in Kent. No argument. But only if she gets over her nerves, can be talked off the edge of oblivion and can be arsed to come.