13 September 2010

nostalgia, it’s like remembering stuff from ages ago

From afar they came. I say that because most of the Whitstable tribe don’t even like going to the top end of town never mind travel all the way to Margate for a party. Even traveling around town for a party is hard work as most of them like to be in bed by 11pm so they can get their beauty sleep and have higher energy levels for their Saturday or Sunday morning activities. Or is that just the way these days of the Whitstablerarti when the improved appreciation of weekend mornings obliterates any evening activity? Either way people making an effort and showing support always makes my tear ducts fill and my heart flutter.

Great effort made for the things to move smoothly and it was like a hot knife through butter with not an itch or an ache all night long from the decor to the door, from the DJ’s to the chill out area. It would be great to regale tales, like of yore, of the old trousers round ankles variety, of too much excess of drink where people flagrantly abused themselves and sat around in dribbling messes all night talking shit and not remembering what they had said from one minute to the next, but I can’t as that didn’t happen. Maybe that happened at another tVC party in the past but not the tVC party now.

What did happen was all very civilised and nice – nothing wrong with that per se – but as age edges ever more gently in middle age public displays of self humiliation are best left to people half or indeed a quarter of our age. People chatted, got on, reinforced friendships, smiled a lot and danced their bloody feet red raw. Not a dribbler in sight. How refreshing.

Although I say that; in the morning Jim Ohm brought a few of his friends into the party – he of Ohm Sound System fame from back in the day, the real early days, the late 80’s and early 90’s when tVC first played in the back room of the Duke of Cucumberland, or the Earl of Sausage or The Sticky Carpet, to give it one of its many nicknames, on a Thursday night till 1am. Ol’ Jim and Clive and Mr Ed used to come up from Thanet and meticulously put up their backdrops and set up their projectors and give the room a little taste of night club ambiance while me, Ed Millard and Tejen Majumder used to try and learn to mix properly all the new house records we could find. Ah, nostalgia ey, it’s like remembering stuff from ages ago .

I say morning because it was already well light, and these guys, who I think were very, very pissed, or something, proceeded to shout and swear and harass the women and drape themselves over the sofas we had in the front of the gallery, generally being harmless but on the other hand being pains in the arse as the party folk tried to chill and wind down through the art of gossiping and slouching from the evenings activities. Everyone put up with their antics and all I could hear as we were moving the kit out to the van was the occasional ‘will you shut up’ shouted at them by an ever increasingly embarrassed Jim. Anyway, talking to Ema through FaecesBook later in the week she said one of ‘the smelly old geezers’ had died a few days later; which is such a shame. He will always be remembered by us with a lascivious smile on his face enjoying himself.

DJ wise there was no fat on the line up; plenty of fat around my waist, but not on the running order. Some of the best, or should I say all of the best, deep house and tech DJ’s from East Kent turned up and provided a glorious soundtrack for the party people. Si kicked off proceedings and warmed the early arrivals up by the use of slow builds, pitched down relaxers and allowing some of those wonderful breakdowns to run their full course.

Warren continued to exhibit his penchant for playing newly discovered gems seamlessly despite his predilection for very strong rum drank straight out of the bottle. All those in proximity experienced his generosity with the old rummage. As it were.

It was also really great to have Mike SU back in the bosom of the tVC love machine. He had hot footed it down from his club gig to be with us and will be our guest at the tVCabbaged at The Smack gig the second week of October.

Rosie, once she had been talked down off the ledge of nervousness and apprehension proceeded to enjoy herself somewhat as she did indeed play an excellent set, as usual, of her own brand of deep house gems. And her 6 new tunes. As for myself I had been indulging in the Juno summer bonanza and had spashed out on about 20 new vinyl 12" records. Ah, sheer indulgence. luckinly for me the guys and gals let me play away to my hearts content for a couple of hours which was well appreciated.

Thanks guys you were great. And thanks to everyone who supported and organised the event and to everyone who couldn’t make due to holidays, children, other things on, work; thanks for your messages, text, phone calls and other media forms of communication wishing me a happy birthday and good wishes. I love you all. For now ;-)