2 September 2010

another incisive, cutting, insulting, upsetting yet hilariously observed, blog entry

The ever so wonderful Mick from Beeping Bush, Margate’s very own digital media organisation, kindly donated all night use of the local Community Pharmacy Gallery for what was actually to be old Oz’s 50th birthday party last weekend. 24 years of doing tvc related events had obviously took their toll on the poor chap as his wide eyed look and slightly slurred speech throughout the night indicated most convincingly.
Many friends old and new made the effort to support the party despite the fact that the bank holiday weekend provided many nefarious and reprehensible distractions and activities for those that couldn’t attend.

Oz does indeed thank all those who sent messages of support, emails, texts, tweets, notes tied to bricks and thrown through his window, cards etc; all with wishes of congratulations, prosperity, amazement or disbelief that our favourite Southern Geordie is actually still standing after all those years of drinking Stella, swaying around to house music, stumbling in DJ booths and shouting that rather loud mouth of his off around town. The fact that he was still standing and was indeed still alive let alone celebrating 50 years of breathing was an achievement in itself. And he’s only had his nose broken 4 times? That’s what he says; I do not believe that.
Praise must go out to Clare, his long suffering partner, for disappearing inappropriately throughout the preceding weeks whilst she and her cohort of others designed and manufactured miles of bunting all containing messages of wishes from various friends and selected pages from old issues of Tangentopoli, the tvc newsletter that used to, amusingly Oz thought, insult everyone and their dog who ever came to a tvc party and divulge their substance predilections and sexual preferences as well as their preferred after hours activities that perhaps their parents, partners or bosses would prefer not to know about. “But you told me you were going visit your granny! Why is there a picture here of you crawling around on your hands and knees in a field with your trousers round your ankles?”

drill your own hole - gaye bikers on acid
tv cabbage got their name from this album....

Clare, Rosie and Lin also made a gargantuan effort to bake 50 cakes and put 50 candles (on another cake that was whipped out at the wonderful JoJo’s Restaurant meal we all had indulged in the night before), and to stock and run a bar where profits from the “donations” went wholly to the Community Pharmacy Gallery to thank them for the putting up with 200 middle-aged reprobates who frequented the establishment well until the clock struck midday on Sunday.

Thanks also to the wonderful tvc DJ’s who, as usual, donated their time and effort for free and provided the venue and the people with such wonderful and beautiful house music all night long; Warren, Rosie, Simon, Mike SU.
Nick Eyesaw couldn’t go without being mentioned and thanked profusely for his wonderful VJ skills; he really gave the party an edge we couldn’t have possibly have achieved with the two candles and a maglight we managed to cobble together.

Last but not least on the thanks a lot you are wonderful list is Brummy Jon who needs thanking for his sound tech skills in keeping the whole shebang running as smooth as you like from beginning to end. You are a star.

I’m sure Oz, as we speak, is working hard on composing on an incisive, cutting, insulting, upsetting yet hilariously observed, article or review of the party to disenfranchise, anger or infuriate his few remaining friends who haven’t hit him, disowned him, give him the silent treatment, spat on him or called him a "cunt" in the past few weeks.