29 July 2010

White Apple iPhone v Nokia N8?

White Apple iPhone or the Nokia N8? Of the zeitgeisty philosophical questions on people’s lips at the moment this is the one perplexing us all. What do I get as my new phone?

Either way it means a wait and a half.

That classic Apple colour on the new iPhone is proving much harder to perfect than first thought. Apple is apparently having trouble getting the paint thick enough on the front display to be perfectly white. Hmmnn piss yellow iPhone anyone? Too thin and the light bleeds through. The binder Apple is/was using causes a slight off-color tint coupled with a promise that it will shipped “in the near future” our heart bleeds while we wait. Solution is easy? Putting silver on white turns white gray. The key is to get the white opaque – which only pigment solids will do. Most white pigment is titanium dioxide the other is zinc oxide (like you put on your nose in the summer). Meanwhile, shock, horror, probe, the iPhone4 gets removed from PC World’s Top Ten Cell Phones. Misery piled on misery but there is hope and it’s the Nokia N8.

As for Nokia’s new flagship phone; when is it coming? The N8 is a small object of acute desire. What with that cool 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and xenon flash, HD (720p) video recording, 3.5 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16GB internal memory, 32GB expandable memory and much more. I could go on but you’ve already probably stopped reading by now. All I will say is give me one now but I’ll probably have to wait till October or November 2010.