16 June 2010

TV Catch Up with tVCabbage… Spartacus

Of course Spartacus started on Bravo and having watched the first four episodes I can now say……hmmmnnn. The jury is still out. Episode 2 nearly sent me out the door it was so bad. Now, I understand that out favourite Thracian old Sparty was at Gladiator School and that characters were being introduced and all that narrative, comic book baloney needed exposition but it was oh so claustrophobic, sex-less and violent-less that I thought “why bother”. However, by episode 3 the (really bad) CGI ketchup and slo-mo splatter was a flowing, the completely gratuitous “fucks” a-fucking, the boob implants a bouncing (clever people these Romans), the waxed dicks a swinging, the most dastardly of characters (the women) with cut English accents, and nary a slave revolt in sight. The golden TV triumvirate of sex, violence, and swearing in one show. Oh, the irony. Can’t wait till next week. Or episode 5 as Charlie Brooker recommends then things really start hotting up.