6 June 2010

T3.1 - au revoir loser

I'm OK. Put myself though the mill a bit with T who dumped me unceremoniously the other week only to drag me into her room at her birthday party a week later giggling like a woman possessed. What is a man supposed to do?
All that emotional roller coaster shit is just too much sometime. I still see her once or at most twice a week and we still go out and do cool stuff so that's positive and things are going fine-ish again.
Ah those days of the pipe and slipper vibe. Actually I don't miss them either. Started a new course for work doing level 4 maths in order to be able to teach basic numeracy. It's AS level and I ain't done maths for years so am playing catch up first with a GCSE study book then I'm onto A level then finally AS level which this course is pitched at. Don't know why I'm there. I'm like this lump drifting along and someone says do this and I go OK. I suppose the old changing your life decisions begin with thoughts like that. Otherwise work is OK. Am I in the right job? Shut up and pay the bills.
Well love life OKish work OKish what about the old social life? Mustn't grumble and all that but you know sometimes things could be a bit more challenging and exciting. I'm still skint so am currently organising some events that I can get into for free and enjoy the music as well as doing the usual of blagging guest lists and getting myself invited to dinner parties and other such indoor low spend recreational pursuits. I haven't got into playing games or cards yet but have been seriously considering it on odd occasions when my insanity peaks and hey it does seem like a good idea. I have actually been out quite a lot and am becoming the master of the no spend. Oh no thanks I'm driving is my favourite. No I couldn't possibly oh well OK then just the one being my second.
I'm also into minimal punctuation at the moment missing out commas just for the sake of it just to see how it reads and to see if I can confuse myself and my reader. Which it does a bit but is also kinda funny too. Had a great night out at Wheelers Fish Place thing in the Bubble a strange one out DJing in Maidstone with Shaun (ditto) a very strange Brenley Barn thing (here) and a weird farewell for my friend Lisa who has just moved to France and has just started emailing me ;-) who I didn't want to go but I knew she had to because she wanted to but hey I'm a selfish git just thinking of myself and the support she gives me and it would only have meant me not seeing her as often as I'd like to (probably seen the pics but here they are anyway) but who I will visit when I can.Phew, full circle. Good luck with you endeavours my old chummage and you never know as soon as I get some air fare and a bit of spendy stuff I may come over there maybe at half term (ah teacher stuff) who knows and take you out clubbing the night before we go skiing. Maybe not the skiiing bit but you never know do you. Although I was supposed to be going to Amsterdam with Tort only I blew it out at the last moment see reasons above.
Funnily enough a week after that she was saying au revoir loser to me.
Don't see a connection there somehow. She's OK about it now. I took my punishment like the man I am.