17 June 2010

Rick’s Party Politics

Didn’t go to the latest Rick’s Party in the end because of several reasons which I’ll explain here.

I was actually going to provide R with some sound equipment so the DJ’s he’d booked could get on with their thing and entertain the inevitable crowds at this very popular person’s party. I didn’t though.

C goes, a few weeks ago, that she got a funny call of Rick and, reading between the lines, she thought that he was asking to borrow some tVC equipment so that he can throw one of his drag parties.

I sat on it a few days as we’d got a bit of, erm, negative feedback from the last party where we watched our cartridges being abused by being bounced from scratchy 7 inch single to furrow out new grooves in the slip mat, our amp overdriven constantly despite it being turned down every five minutes, the speaker constantly red-lighting and dipping in volume because of already said over driving issues, the long, long lonely wait till around 1am when the 7 inch DJ’s finished and we were finally allowed on the decks to play some house music only to be unceremoniously thrown off an hour later by previously mentioned &2 DJ’s who wanted to come back on and we couldn’t be fucking fucked to fucking argue with the fuckers so we fucked off.

R has some issues hanging over from the previous party that instead of not voicing it and suppressing it like a decent Englishman would, for the sake of the persons feelings, he decided to go all open and honest on us and tell us that tVC were past it and that we should make way for the new young guns (him and his 40 something chums), that our music was far too slow, that we should provide the equipment but not expect to play as he wasn’t going to invite us to play anyway.

Simon pointed out that if we wanted to borrow his film-making stuff to make a film but he couldn’t have any input at all and we’d give it him back after we’d finished it how would he feel? He said he didn’t think that would be a good idea and that he probably wouldn’t lend us the kit in the first place if we thought like that. That’s exactly why we will not lend you our equipment we said. And we didn’t.

C was in a dilemma, as we all were; how does one cope with such hostility towards ones loved one in a really nice way without falling out with a dearly loved friend? By not attending the party but sending a text the next day apologising for not turning up.

Simon was all up himself over it and belies his passive front by being most upset over the matter by withholding access to the decks and mixer which of course made it easier for me explain to R that things were not going to be happening as he expected them too.

All in all though R managed to procure some decks and managed to provide music for the party. Although, to be honest, the only feedback I got about the party was from someone who said that it sounded not that good and they went home early.

A weird feeling of uncomfortableness predominated; an asking of the question why?