18 June 2010

Begin the begin... or Chip part 2

So, another blog started with the word "so". I find that it’s a great way to start something that I don't want to be too formal. Don't you? Not that Blogging is formal anyway. So, as I was about to say, we had such a lovely time in the woods last weekend. Schlep the massive dog was there being ever so friendly to everyone. Hoovering up any scrap of food or crisps that were foolishly dropped on the ground. So was Jubbly. Beautiful and pissed. What a fucking great combo.

Oh yeah, in the morning I was DJing in a bit of a haze and I could hear Schlep behind me, snuffling around. Crinkling stuff. Opening a carrier bag with his nose. He'd 'found' a 4 pack of pasties. In a cellophane and cardboard box wrapper and all individually wrapped. Quite why anyone would be walking around a shop and go "that's what I'll take to the party tonight..." escapes me for the moment but Schlep the Dog was probably, on the inside, going "yes, get in!!! How do I open these fuckers?"

It was of course the tVC Free Party For Free People road show; ppearing in a woodland glade near you soon. This time it was Matt's Wood. He loves live music, particularly bluegrass and Cajun. "I know a bluegrass and Cajun band", says I one night down the pub talking to Simon as we discussed party tactics for securing a site for a knees up. "I'll have a word with Matt then", say Si, all fired up because it was his birthday that weekend too. And so the party was born.

S'well into late Saturday or Sunday morning and Simon's all a quivver because he just had a half hour dance with the lovely Emma Lush. Man, that smile on his face was worth all the hassle of hand carrying all the sound system equipment through the woods to the tranquil clearing where the main stage was set up. All the bands and performers, all the DJ's, every light, every backdrop and can of beer; all hand lugged with love through the green dappled brilliantness of it all. What a team...