17 May 2010

tvc @ alberrys

Me and Si played at Alberrys in Canterbury on Friday night. I’m not usually partial to playing in a venues basement with a ceiling so low anyone over six foot can’t even stand up without banging their head on the brick arches that predominate throughout the basement area. 

Although, saying that I’ve been playing on and off at this venue for over 20 years and have a strange love hate relationship with it. Loving the late license. Loving the dark and dingy basement. Hates? Where’s the seats; expensive drinks.

Anyway, partial as I am to not playing here we’re so gagging for a gig and a little play that, of course, we accept any gig we get offered these days and are bloody grateful for it. What got old tVC started in the first place was a dearth of venues that catered to our music. Tiring of the warm up chill down spots, nothing wrong with them I must admit, and if pushed I would say I prefer the chill down spots. Means I can get a lie in a put the alarm on for 4am and pootle down to the field or venue and have a lovely crack with the people still standing and play them some nice deep house to soothe their souls. No, what I mean is we like to hear our music all night hence the promoting of our own parties.

Starting at 11 (a warm up gig if ever I had one) gives me time to get home from work, go to Lin’s to get my records, pick up a car full of people who want to go with me, park up, have a beer, play AND still get home at reasonable hour so that I can pursue my middle aged centred Saturday activities and proclivities without losing one minute of my teenage level of sleep requirement .