16 May 2010

“Ooh, you guys use records?”

“Ooh, you guys use records?” says the friend of Jay Wulff, the next DJ on. I had to laugh out loud. What? These weird-ass round things my ol' man keeps taking about

It reminded me of the thought I had after a quick listen to my set BJ had put up on soundcloud. He’d labelled it dec09 and I realised that I was basically still playing the same set now. I didn’t have the luxury at the moment of that extra spark £60 quids worth of new tunes gives you; that feeling when you just can’t wait to get on and cracking through them to hear what they sound like real loud, to see how people dance or react to them. Always a pleasure to see them smiles. Always them bills flow in like tide. Need to get the cost of buying tunes down.

Was a great turnout for us at Alberrys in Canterbury on Friday. Car sharing our way into town, tv parking (well near as damn it), friends bubbling with social froth, pitchers of cocktails on the table and full glasses all round; well, not of the ‘blue  something or other’ I’d bought. No one touched it and I had to drink the whole lot myself. It was the same colour as the mouthwash I’d used before going out.

Me and Si, threes up, him with his new tunes fresh bought the day before, me trying out b-sides, obscure tracks, hoping for something I’d not actually played out that much, then sticking with a few old, scratchy bullets, wishing I’d brought out my other bag as well, Si, with his new tunes, listened to with intense interest; luke Solomon, moody manc; more deep succour and goodness from the usual suspects; mixes dropping in without friction; with love. The jobbing DJ wage of £40 going towards some replacement styli. Job done.

Four pitchers and two hours pass in a blur of snached, rolled up cigarette conversations; the world put to rights. Reinforcing the cement of relationships long forged; hugs and handshakes galore. Out into the chilly night.

On to the Liquid party, back to Emma’s in Whitstable or get dropped off home to the door by Rosie?