14 May 2010

no effing idea

good news about the styliiiiii! Does it leave anything left to get a flight case for the mixer? I'm hoping my old neighbour will do one for £40

About Saturday- my boundary is about not being up til 3 am and getting out of it when I've got the boys, I don't mind getting a sitter for a few hours while I DJ> So that's why I thought I shouldn't do Tim's party. But actually, I could just exert some self-control, we play for a couple of hours and go, I don't necessarily have to get mashed and be no good to my boys the next day now do I? And he's had a horrible loss and would really appreciate it. Or we could do the Smack. It actually should be about my need to exert some self discipline, not where we play or who we're playing to. So which do you think we should do? And what does Steve want us to do about the Smack? He's cancelling the open mic I think as he doesn't want to pay for the PA any more, has he said anything to you about our Saturdays and the tab? Having said that it'd be more use to me to have £15 for the child minder and buy my own diet cokes....


no word from steve re smack. i'll ring him. i think we should do smack, but hey? can do tim after? unfortunately, there's no money for the smack. we get a bar tab. end of. drink it. don't drink it. the choice is yrs...

prolly be able to get a case for the mixer, but only from the 12th coz i spent all the money from alberries on drink and other things on NYE!!!

the old issue of you exerting some self control (ie have the opportunity but choosing not to) doesn't seem to be happening any more me old chum. i've never really seen you do it. talk about it, yes, do it, no. you have to be in control of your life for this to work and you are/have been lunching out something terrible lately and committing all sorts of "crimes" that are upsetting the people around you who love and care about you.

yr the new MDM? he had no effing idea how to exercise any self discipline at all when it came to DJing/home life balance etc. just like you. ish. i'm not being harsh but you're starting to bleed profusely into your compartmentalisation boundaries and that is just not good enough my friend. i thought you were smart? i'll reiterate your boundries for you in case you've forgotten; your boys, your work, your "play". they cannot, should not and will not 'bleed'. you are effed if they do and the system, compartmentalisation, simply will not work. although you set your own boundaries; not me. you don't have to get "mashed". why do you? something up in yr life that yr unhappy about? something you can't cope with? don't like? why "mash it" unless yr upset about something? try a bit of "straight edge" living. google it...

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