17 May 2010

Acquiring Tickets - Alex Patterson @ Orange St

Ended up acquiring a ticket or 2 for the New Model Army gig at the end of the month in Canterbury. We were outside the Orange Street Music Club in the rain. Jenny was waving a tenner around in front of the promoter, an ex colleague of mine from when I worked at Canterbury Wholefoods, who had just informed us it was “well” sold out. I was explaining how I’d seen them first time round back in the day etc blah and how it would be lovely to see what they are doing now and to pay homage etc blah when he suddenly says “Oh, although I did save a few tickets back. For fans. I’ll just go and get you one”. “Get another one as well”, says Rob waving another tenner around. Alex Paterson from The Orb was looking at us in a way best described as “you nutters”.

I had previously briefed Jenny, or should that be primed Jenny about Alex Paterson asking her not to mention “Little Fluffy Clouds” to him. Of course the first opportunity she got, which was at the end of the rather lovely gig he did and we were all outside on the pavement waiting for cars, lifts, taxis she goes “oh, you didn’t play Little Fluffy Clouds and I came all the way to hear it”. He rolls his eyes and sighs. That song still following him around after all these years but instead of despairing he tells us about his young daughter who is just getting into music and who really loves that tune and how he loves her loving that song. We all smile. Alex describes himself as a “leg end”. We all nod in agreement.

Speaking of legends Just got a text from C. We’ve just acquired the, da da, last two tickets for Dan Kitson’s new show “66a Church Road - A Lament Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases”. It happened like this; it’s the day one of my regular appointments at St Thomas’ is happening. An examination to see if it is time to remove the oil and put back the jelly. I ring C and ask her if she fancies it. Shed to loves. I’m at work. I give her the theatre number. She rings it. She’s on the phone for ages. The seller lost them. Then got them back. She texts me “it was very tense”.

"Let's have a great day out in London?" she suggests. "Yeah, let's!"