25 April 2010

Worried Times by Alex

Partying and generally being the lads and guurls. Being in the pub or club some asshole will always comment on the music, clothes, drinking habits, etc etc. One pub in mind is most certainly the Neptune. I am so sorry that we dont like sad old shit. Shit isn't the word, "ROCKY HORROR SHOW", "BLUES BROTHERS".

I believe I'm a serious adult, and I know what I want. Attitude sucks, fucks, and will run all bad attitudes out of money and luck . Just remember money talks bullshit walks. We're still customers, we pay your bill's, your taxes. All publicans should welcome party people with open arms, and not shut taverns.

Saddest night out has got to be the torture that a small number of the faithful went through the other night. Lift off was different, but it just doesn't get better in blubber town. "Dukes, Bollocks, kebab, ultra Bollocks with wings", but hey we enjoyed it . Especially around the snog barons flat where yours truly crashed better than a coach load of Americans.

Sunday session in full effect at the moment. Walts finest at full volume, "Go Aladdin", Oz funkin it up next door ......NIRVANA, HEAVEN, SHANG RI FOOKIN LA....Being of sound bank balance and credit rating why oh why oh [sounds like a letter to "points of view "], does the Shudderment keep taxing the only legal means of stimulation, "EXTORTION IS A CRIME", I mean £2.00 a pint ,but only £15.00 for a Kenneth Branagh, know what I mean "LUVVEYS, DARLINGS", all I can say is smell my illegal enjoyment and cower at the loss of revenue you sad bastards are losing . If it wasn't for "the fifth letter of the alphabet", this country would be swamped with toddlers , seeing as "atmosphere tonight luvvy, I couldn't possiblycum". So stuff your "C.J.B", your "BLOODY SAD PUBS", your "1940'S ATTITUDE", and your so called "CHRISTIAN ATTITUDE", Christ took any stimulant, sold any stimulant, he must of done. Would you believe a guy with long hair telling you his mum was a virgin?