5 April 2010

going beyond ourselves

An ancient Chinese proverb reminds us that " a time of crisis is a time of great opportunity". Outmoded patterns of thought are beginning to crack under the strain of change so rapid it borders on discontinuity, and overlapping crises are forcing us to totally re-evaluate the very basis of our being. At the still point within us all a new vision of reality, richly detailed yet strikingly simple, is beginning to take form. In part it is the holistic and contemporary view of ecology, mother of all sciences, that sees the perfect interconnectedness of all things, the jewelled matrix form-and-energy body of the world. In part it is the holy and ancient understanding of the spiritual paths that points to an underlying oneness in which the impossible union of opposites is made real. Our expanding vision must inevitably be a call to action, and it is abundantly clear that nothing less than selfless service and loving kindness - which accord with the truth of our oneness - are suited to the immense task we face.