15 April 2010


Well, what can we say? A jolly good nights entertainment and no mistake. Top notch DJ's playing their own allnighter. The classic combination, as only they can do, of, cough, good people, even better music and one other contributing factor that shall, of course, go unmentioned. But we know what it is, the authorities know what it is, but, we all conspire together to play it down. As we should.

DiY doing what they do best consistently. Snorter parties. It might look easy but it isn't. Digs and Woosh, bias accounted for, set of the night. Vocals, bouncier, happier, groovier. Magnificent. Chez Damier, US style, mixing, moving in and out, weaving between tracks. Hypnotic.

Hi to Dik on the door. First of the Nottingham crew to actually take the plunge with us. Down to Canterbury from Nottingham for a 12 o'clock finish(!). We were an unknown quantity but Dik still came down and, was, really good fun. You'll always have a special place in our heart, mate.

Tonight. 1000 people. Hot. Loud. Another classic combination. We love music. And dancing. And talking. Know what I mean?

Shhh!Simon DK - 16th Dec. 1994 - The 414 Brixton with tVC. Can't wait!