21 April 2010

BING BANG BONG by Alex "chicken and chips"

To all and sundry (especially at my local I mentioned last month).Thank you for the interest that "IT" aroused. I'm glad that people take my opinions seriously (sic).If anyone cannot understand the original intention, (dole-cheque or degree), then they do not understand the full implications that the criminal justice bill has upon everyone (not just so called ravers).

It's a shame that more pub regulars (of any musical inclination), missed the opportunity to join millions of people across the country enjoying the ever increasing spectrum of music, not just dance music. Unfortunately, technically it is now illegal to invite people around to your own house after the pub to listen to records (especially those with a repetitive beat) over a certain sound level, which is infact quieter than the sound a diesel engine of a black cab makes.It is also now illegal under the C.J.A to have live music over a slightly higher sound level than amplified recorded music, this means BANDS.Under the C.J.A it is also illegal (unless the venue has a music licence) to have more than two people performing (think mass kareoke) in said venue.£20,000 fine makes you wonder doesn't it.You know and I know pubs need people, parties need people and bands need people.

If EVERYONE was small minded as some, there would be no pubs, no bands, no parties and no enjoyment. If you really want a life that's more boring than an empty cardboard box, then move to outer Mongolia.Lets not discriminate between groups and factions, since we all love a good time. Whether in a pub, club, field, house or beach. Whether you like R+B, Rocky horror, house or even jungle or hip hop, start giving a fucking toss about civil rights. This new bill makes you the most oppressed people in western Europe. Sounds a bit far fetched I know, but it's true. Five years from now it'll be £5 a pint and the police will salute and say "siege hiel".You is what you is, you are what you are, never let anyone one oppress you into being any thing else but YOU.


Alex "chicken and chips"