29 April 2010


"If we go forward, we die. If we go backward, we die. Let us go forward and die". Umslopagaas.

27 April 2010

Never mind.

Finally emerging from the doldrums of winter hibernation. I say hibernation but actually mean lazing around on my fat arse for three months eating food round mine and others people’s houses, which always tastes better in the winter doesn't it? 

Watching TV and DVD’s, going to bed early, sleeping late, staying indoors, spending more time on the internet than I reasonably should, smoking and drinking more, waking up every day and thanking Jah that I don’t have to do any gardening; ooh and turning the heating up full blast and closing the curtains early and having the biggest, fattest duvet you can find on your bed. Oh, and more cuddles definitely and early nights and big, thick, fat clothes with loads of layers and hats and gloves when you go to play out in the snow. And snow men and red faces and icy breath and big waterproof boots that slip on the ice. Snowballs, snow. And feeding carrots to the horses. And jumpers for goalposts.

Anyway, I digress. April began with Clare’s birthday with me being the only fool. I bought her a sat nav for her car as she is always getting lost and taking ages to get anywhere. At least I used to think that. Although that's an exaggeration and not true as C has just pointed out to me as I read wot I wrote back to her. It doesn't make you look stupid I said. I have a very good inbuilt sense of direction she replied. You’d have thought I’d bought her a puppy. Who says tech and girls don’t mix?

Drinking round Jenny and Rob’s is never for the faint hearted and after the Banco de Gaia gig in Canterbury we ended up drunk and playing 7” records till the wee small hours. They were scattered all over the floor out of their covers. Jenny was insisting that she played Peaches by The Stranglers whilst I was insisting on the other side of this double A side and wanted Go Buddy Go. Alas Jenny got her way and I ended up smoking outside on my own cursing her whilst shaking my fist at the sky.

Went to see the film Kick Ass with a few chums, well Brummy Jon and his teenage son Joel, later that week. C was supposed to meet us in the White Horse, where we would have a quick beer before joining the masses at the local Odeon and enjoying an 11 year girl say the C-word. Although I don't think any of the reviwers seemed to have seen Fish Tank.

This didn’t happen as C rang me up saying that her car had broken down on the motorway as she was approaching Canterbury. Some Eastern European gentleman had helped her to push the car off the road. I’ll come along and pick you up straight away I offered, hand firmly entrenched in a massive box of pop corn whilst Pearl and Dean played adverts on the big screen before the main show began. Oh, it’s ok, she said I’ll go to the nearest pub and wait till your film has finished. I ended up texting her every 10 minutes or so to see how she was getting on. Replies like, It’s raining very heavily now and the pub is miles away came bouncing across the ether. What’s the film like she asked on one occasion? Oh, I said, it’s ok. It was actually quite good in a popcorn kinda way but I didn’t want to make her feel like she was missing something. After I picked her up she was cool. If a little wet.

By the time tVC at the Smack swung round the place was heaving and James Vinyl was dropping his pre-Pacha set on the deep masses. He was coming fresh on the decks from his shift at Budgen’s the supermarket and we said as such on the flyer. I don’t know if it was ok or not as I spent most of his set smoking cigarettes with the reprobates outside in the street discussing the finer points of political manouverings currently being practiced by the mainstream parties at the moment. And people say tVC are clueless?

An eye check up at St Thomas’ in London early the next week confirmed my best fears as the specialist, fresh back from a month’s holiday informed me that the eye was looking good. Another 8 weeks filled with oil and they’d consider replacing it with jelly. I may then be able to see.

Saw a cracking documentary ‘Oil City Confidential’ which had its first showing on British television on BBC 4. Doctor Feelgood were simply the best pub rock band in the country in the 70’s and were often quoted as influences by the punkerati. Wilko Johnson was a mad speed freak and Canvey Island was a shithole.

The Zedheads played the Smack on the 14 April 2010. Jackie is so funny. Her humour is like Joe Brand’s. The boys did a sterling job but the spectre of my promise to do the band a serious review is still to materialise and still very much on the back burner. For now.

Dental hygienist nearly fainted when she looked into my mouth. It’s £35 pound for a 20 minute session. On the way out she goes; “Book a double session for next time...”

Tom Sharp’s birthday party proved a mellifluous affair with me and Si waiting all night as usual to get on the decks in the wee small hours only to be badgered constantly by drunk DJ’s we don’t know trying to get on the decks themselves. Oh the tedium. Saw said DJ, John, who gate crashed the party anyway, at The Muddy Shovels gig later in the month. He waved at me but things were still too raw and I blanked him. Si ‘lost’ the band off his headphones; well I did as he’d gone home and I was left to look after them. £47 for a replacement. Not a good night for me.

Weekend just gone I’d deliberately kept free so C and I could crack on with the garden. It will probably be my last free weekend of the summer but alas it was not to be. C’s chums D&J came DFL via Canada and she spent it all with them. Never mind. There's always next weekend.

25 April 2010

Worried Times by Alex

Partying and generally being the lads and guurls. Being in the pub or club some asshole will always comment on the music, clothes, drinking habits, etc etc. One pub in mind is most certainly the Neptune. I am so sorry that we dont like sad old shit. Shit isn't the word, "ROCKY HORROR SHOW", "BLUES BROTHERS".

I believe I'm a serious adult, and I know what I want. Attitude sucks, fucks, and will run all bad attitudes out of money and luck . Just remember money talks bullshit walks. We're still customers, we pay your bill's, your taxes. All publicans should welcome party people with open arms, and not shut taverns.

Saddest night out has got to be the torture that a small number of the faithful went through the other night. Lift off was different, but it just doesn't get better in blubber town. "Dukes, Bollocks, kebab, ultra Bollocks with wings", but hey we enjoyed it . Especially around the snog barons flat where yours truly crashed better than a coach load of Americans.

Sunday session in full effect at the moment. Walts finest at full volume, "Go Aladdin", Oz funkin it up next door ......NIRVANA, HEAVEN, SHANG RI FOOKIN LA....Being of sound bank balance and credit rating why oh why oh [sounds like a letter to "points of view "], does the Shudderment keep taxing the only legal means of stimulation, "EXTORTION IS A CRIME", I mean £2.00 a pint ,but only £15.00 for a Kenneth Branagh, know what I mean "LUVVEYS, DARLINGS", all I can say is smell my illegal enjoyment and cower at the loss of revenue you sad bastards are losing . If it wasn't for "the fifth letter of the alphabet", this country would be swamped with toddlers , seeing as "atmosphere tonight luvvy, I couldn't possiblycum". So stuff your "C.J.B", your "BLOODY SAD PUBS", your "1940'S ATTITUDE", and your so called "CHRISTIAN ATTITUDE", Christ took any stimulant, sold any stimulant, he must of done. Would you believe a guy with long hair telling you his mum was a virgin?


23 April 2010

men who want crops without ploughing

"Those who profess to love freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without ploughing. A struggle may be a moral one, or it may be physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will" - Frederick Douglass.

21 April 2010

BING BANG BONG by Alex "chicken and chips"

To all and sundry (especially at my local I mentioned last month).Thank you for the interest that "IT" aroused. I'm glad that people take my opinions seriously (sic).If anyone cannot understand the original intention, (dole-cheque or degree), then they do not understand the full implications that the criminal justice bill has upon everyone (not just so called ravers).

It's a shame that more pub regulars (of any musical inclination), missed the opportunity to join millions of people across the country enjoying the ever increasing spectrum of music, not just dance music. Unfortunately, technically it is now illegal to invite people around to your own house after the pub to listen to records (especially those with a repetitive beat) over a certain sound level, which is infact quieter than the sound a diesel engine of a black cab makes.It is also now illegal under the C.J.A to have live music over a slightly higher sound level than amplified recorded music, this means BANDS.Under the C.J.A it is also illegal (unless the venue has a music licence) to have more than two people performing (think mass kareoke) in said venue.£20,000 fine makes you wonder doesn't it.You know and I know pubs need people, parties need people and bands need people.

If EVERYONE was small minded as some, there would be no pubs, no bands, no parties and no enjoyment. If you really want a life that's more boring than an empty cardboard box, then move to outer Mongolia.Lets not discriminate between groups and factions, since we all love a good time. Whether in a pub, club, field, house or beach. Whether you like R+B, Rocky horror, house or even jungle or hip hop, start giving a fucking toss about civil rights. This new bill makes you the most oppressed people in western Europe. Sounds a bit far fetched I know, but it's true. Five years from now it'll be £5 a pint and the police will salute and say "siege hiel".You is what you is, you are what you are, never let anyone one oppress you into being any thing else but YOU.


Alex "chicken and chips"

19 April 2010

Our truest life

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake"-Henry David Thoreau

17 April 2010


.... thoughts on Douglas Rushkoff's "Cyberia".

Rushkoff is the first 'mainstream' writer to cover topics like virtual reality, computer networks, cyberpunx, the psychedelic revival and rave culture... all well represented here.Good old Timothy Leary calls the book 'a fascinating journey to the current boundary of human experience - true stories about life on the very edge'.How far Rushkoff's views match up with the 120 BPM East Kent Experience you must judge for yourselves, but he is useful on the emergence of E culture west coast stylee.The main advantage of E as he sees it is that E allows you to 'take your ego with you' whereas acid or mushrooms can have 'the unrelenting abrasiveness of a belt sander against the ego'.Now some of us may enjoy getting the old Black and Decker out once in a while and applaud his references back to Aldous (Doors of Perception) Huxley, who decided that 'the clear light (of bliss) is an ice cube, what is important is love and work in the world'.

Dangerously unfashionable fluffy sentiments these, in UK PLC, when the Class War CJB handout says 'If fluffies get in the way just clout them you know they won't hit you back'.But 'love and work in the world is what E shows you' according to Bruce Eisner, author of 'Ecstasy: the MDMA story' ' It's a model for enlightenment and the challenge is bringing that back into the real world.Clearly this man has never visited East Kent.Remember what Mckenna said: what is equally important is what Superman does between telephone boxes... what he does when he's back to being poor old ordinary Clark (or Mrs) Kent.And maybe, just maybe, this might have something to do with the nature and quality of the subsequent E experience.Then remember that Mckenna had a special message for Tangentopoli readers (issue 14) 'E is a white powder drug - you don't know what in the world you have taken. E isn't really psychedelic enough - it's an interpersonal thing and if you take it often enough it isn't even that. You might as well take Dexedrine - it's just speed.' But there's more.

Check out what Gregory says on page 170 of 'Cyberia': 'E diminishes a vital chemical in our bodies every time we take it. The chemical is the essence of life. This is a gift that can not be replaced. We're taking out this fluid and spending it. The E is undermining our very existence. I feel a little bit of my life force being spent all the time...'

Now Gregory's allusion to a recent study linking MDMA to spinal fluid reduction in mammals might make you feel a little uncomfortable. Tight, drawn, hollow facial features anyone? Is this really the transformation we've been working to create? SO what's E to be? Food for thought or just another Dance With Death?

Zombie Face.

15 April 2010


Well, what can we say? A jolly good nights entertainment and no mistake. Top notch DJ's playing their own allnighter. The classic combination, as only they can do, of, cough, good people, even better music and one other contributing factor that shall, of course, go unmentioned. But we know what it is, the authorities know what it is, but, we all conspire together to play it down. As we should.

DiY doing what they do best consistently. Snorter parties. It might look easy but it isn't. Digs and Woosh, bias accounted for, set of the night. Vocals, bouncier, happier, groovier. Magnificent. Chez Damier, US style, mixing, moving in and out, weaving between tracks. Hypnotic.

Hi to Dik on the door. First of the Nottingham crew to actually take the plunge with us. Down to Canterbury from Nottingham for a 12 o'clock finish(!). We were an unknown quantity but Dik still came down and, was, really good fun. You'll always have a special place in our heart, mate.

Tonight. 1000 people. Hot. Loud. Another classic combination. We love music. And dancing. And talking. Know what I mean?

Shhh!Simon DK - 16th Dec. 1994 - The 414 Brixton with tVC. Can't wait!

13 April 2010


To celebrate the coming of age of Tangentopoli -21 this issue - Zombie Face, Joy Swirl, or Mental Continuum (or whatever he wants to call his selves) is sponsoring a COMPETITION. Yet another first for Tangentopoli - its meaning finally revealed by "The Observer" as "the corrupt entanglement of politics and business" (but what politics and which business you might ask).

Before the beginning, Robert Hunter, Dead Lyricist, wrote down the "Ten Commandments of Rock and Roll" on stoned tablets:1. Suck up to the Top Cats.2. Do not work to express independent opinions.3. Do not work for the common interest - only factional interest.4. If there's nothing to complain about dig up some old gripe.5. Do not respect property and persons other than your own.6. Make devastating judgements on persons and situations without adequate information.7. Discourage and confound personal, technical or creative projects.8. Single out absent persons for intense criticism.9. Believe that anything or anyone you don't understand is trying to fuck with you.10.Destroy yourself physically and morally and insist that all true brothers and sisters do likewise as an expression of unity.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO to win the star prize is to write down 10 examples (one for each of the 'commandments') of how the Party Posse is different from the Rock 'n' Roll Posse.

You can use examples of parties you have been to, quote from past issues of Tangentopoli, or indeed write down anything else that comes into your head.

The person submitting the most appropriate examples will receive a copy of Rushkofs "Cyberia" that handy guide book to cyberspace and guaranteed to blow your mind - anytime.

Entries to Oz a plain brown envelope.


1. Suck up to the people with the best drugs. (myself usually). No problem.
2. Leave all monies at home/in car. "It's my girfriends".
3. Dissappear before the rig is due to be moved.
4. Get pissed on fizzy, shit drinks on Sunday.
5. Respect no one's property, especially your own. (See 2. Wow man, go on, it's only money!)
6. Take devastating drugs.
7. Take the piss out of people gushing on E.
8. Shout at everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday.
9. Ignore people in the week who were your best mates at the party.
10. Go on, lend me a tenner till Monday.

11 April 2010

Two comments written in 1895

PARTY PEOPLE...Two comments written in 1895 about the yoof, but equally relevant for the crowd of today...

"8 Parker Street...here at times may be seen 20 women with matted hair and face and hands most filthy, whose ragged clothing is stiff with the accumulations of beer and dirt, their underclothing, if they have any at all, swarming with vermin. Many of them are often drunk..."

...a world full of young men passing "an absolutely vacant existence in a round of empty gaiety"

9 April 2010


First of all, the wild heads of the town get together, and choose a leader of mischief, who they call the Lord of Misrule: they crown him with great solemnity and adopt him as their King. The King then chooses twenty, fourty, sixty or a hundred lusty chaps, like himself, to wait upon him and guard him. To each of these men he gives his colours, green or yellow or some other wanton colour, and being not gawdy enough they bedeck themselves with scarfs, ribbons and laces, wearing all over, gold rings, prescious stones, and other jewels.

This done, they tie around each leg twenty or forty bells, with magnificent handkerchief in their hands, and also sometimes across their shoulders and around their necks, borrowed, usually from their pretty babes and loving chicks. With everything in order, with their hobby-horses, dragons, and other antiques, together with their bawdy pipers, and thundering drummers, they strike up a devils dance with everyone, and then this heathen company marches towards the Church, their pipers, piping, their drummers thundering, their stampers dancing, with their bells jingling, and their handkerchiefs fluttering about their heads like madmen, and their hobby horses and other monsters skirmishing in amongst the throng: and it is in this manner that they go to the Church (although the Minister is at prayer or preaching) dancing and singing like devils incarnate, with such a muddle of noise, that no man can hear his own voice.


Unlike the previous two big demonstrations in London, this one seemed a bit low in energy. Maybe it was just my own mood or the fact that a load of idiots intent on shouting things like "Major, Major, Major, Out, Out, Out!" seemed to be following me around. This lot definitely seemed to have missed the point. Most people here seemed to understand that none of the other political parties would have behaved differently than the Conservatives.Maybe the sense of low energy was due to the fact that we were walking away from the centre of London, by-passing Downing Street, going towards a huge park, where no one would see us.

Marching to Trafalgar Square had been an energising experience, especially within the euphoria of the crowd. Trafalgar Square, the public symbol of the laws and government we oppose was to be occupied as an expression of our anger. Somehow the prospect of marching into Hyde Park didn't have the same anticipation attached to it. So I was flagging, thinking a bit about the futile gesture this protest was becoming. What a downer!But in the park, the euphoria slowly returned to me. Much more people than I imagined would turn up filled the park for a massive celebration. It was a different kind of occupation, a different type of protest. Less angry, much more mellow, a huge picnic. I wandered around, not listening to the speakers, had a dance, chatted to some people, I felt happy again.The protests at Trafalgar Square had been like front-line challenges to the people who try to control our lives. I was surprised that more fighting didn't break out at those ones.

I think most of us know what the slightly worried propaganda tries to remind us, that this is a peaceful fight. We know that our strength lies in our mutual understanding of the CJB's absurd and blatant fascism, and our readiness to ignore it and continue to live our lives the way we want to. So those protests were shows of strength. Gnashed teeth to the cops and solidarity to each other.Here in Hyde Park, we were in a more relaxed mood. Our strength was understood but not displayed. We were doing what we are used to and what we want to continue doing, partying in the open air, in very relaxed fashion. It was more about being with each other than showing our strength.But then the uproar on Mayfair attracted my attention. The police were stopping trucks with sound systems from entering the park. Oh! What a dangerous situation that would cause! How terrible! Techno music in Hyde Park! Shocking!

In preventing the real party from starting, the police only showed themselves and the politicians to be completely ridiculous. Fear of music! Send in the reinforcements! If we let them in the park, the whole of democracy is at risk! Ha ha ha.They wouldn't allow us to do what was so obvious, so natural, so peaceful. It would be completely baffling if it wasn't so infuriating! the resulting to-ing and fro-ing raised the anger level. As the first truck slowly edged forward against the nervous police, every bit of space on it crowded with people dancing, scuffles broke out to the sound of repetitive electronic beats in the open air.Of course people got angry, they had come to express their hatred of the bill, and the police were now giving a preview of its enforcement.

And these police were too stupid to realise that none of what followed would have happened if they'd allowed one little free rave to happen in Hyde Park, if the politicians weren't so afraid of a little bit of loud music after bed time. Yep, I suppose it would have been an oral victory for us if it had happened, but so was what did actually happen, and it was more than just a moral victory at the end of the day!We all knew that just the presence of the police was unnecessary. Of course the police were attacked, they should know by now they are hated, especially when they overreact in the way they did by sending mounted riot police into the park. Twenty five of these and I don't know how many on foot began a series of charges against us in the park. God knows why, but they did. But each time we weren't scared, we stayed our ground, and as soon as they slowed down, hundreds of us ran at them, forcing a retreat. Each time we won, each time we scared them away, and they kept coming back for more. The picnic had turned into a battle.

We had been attacked and instantly we were on the angry defence.And all those 'normal' people whose demonstration had supposedly been hijacked by 'Anarchist agitators' didn't run away in horror, but like at the big riot against the poll tax, stayed, joined in and supported. More than just the awareness that had been present earlier inthe day, there was now proof of our strength in action as an unorganised and diverse movement which only needs a small nudge to realise its potential to become a massive popular uprising.Of course, this is the last thing the politicians or police can admit to. How many more would rush to our side if they were aware of the solidarity of our strength? So they blame it on 'Anarchist groups', in an attempt to hide from the general public the massive level of undivided objection to the CJB, hardly any of which is affiliated to particular political groups. There's not much we can do about this brainwashing, but I'm pretty sure as time goes by the more convincing truth will become more and more obvious to people.While the battle in the park and on the road continued, people danced to music, banged drums and breathed fire.

There was a glow in the air. It was the most powerful combination of joy and anger.How long will it take for them to lose their restraint. As it is now, we proved we are stronger. When will they send in dogs, or tear gas or guns to attack us with? And can they justify it as a defence against our righteous anger against the CJB? When this happens, all illusion of this country as free and liberal will vanish, and the stakes will escalate....So, yeah, 'chill the bill', but remember that if we don't fight back they'll mow us down. The bill attacks not only the specific actions it is meant against but it paves the way for even more legislation which could eradicate any and all of our 'human' rights to free expression. These include, amongst other things, anger against the state. So lets express it legally while we can, and illegally when it's our only option.Hyde Park showed them we won't let them pass this law while we dance obliviously in some field until we're carted off to prison for it. Anger and free expression are part of the world which most of us want so lets not surpress them. I'm for expressing it collectively, (not mindlessly, or suicidally or self destructively), to those who it is really meant for. And lots of music and dancing and joy too.

7 April 2010


Police wearing riot gear took 10 hours to break up an illegal rave party after being attacked by a crowd hurling iron bars and stones yesterday. Road blocks had been set up on Saturday night to keep an expected 2,000 partygoers away from the venue, a disused warehouse in Culham, Oxfordshire. But 200 people already in the building, formally part of the Culham Laboratory, defied police by dancing until 8.30 am. Inspector Ray Wilks of Thames Valley Police said: "Reinforcements were called in and sound equipment was seized. When officers tried a second sound system they were pelted with stones and iron bars, and forced out."There were a number of complaints by local residents and at 8.30 am officers wearing protective clothing re-entered the building and were met by a hail of missiles."They cleared the premises and found a stockpile of missiles. Drugs were recovered and a large quantity of sound equipment seized." The operation involved 100 officers.Five people were arrested in connection with public order offences. Guardian.


In the papers the police said it took 10 hours to break up the party which was basically bullshit.--They've had to justify to the police there actions and the expense.Yeah, only 5 people got done, for public order offences, not that there were any members of the public there.-- We've got to try, even with small incidents, to report them to United Sound Systems or the Advance Party so that we know exactly what the police are doing.Well they were heading toward illegally imprisoning people in these hangers. Cause they had been at the time legally squatted and the police came along and first wouldn't let anyone out then tried to search everyone leaving.I dunno the Oxford Police are just complete wankers - anyway - basically !!I went to the riot (Hyde Park) as well. I had two friends who had the shit beaten out of them one had to go to hospital with concussion which was quite unfortunate being totally innocent.Well that's the situation on the Oxford party anyway. A lot of what the Guardian said was bullshit about finding a stack of missiles and that.--There just gonna print what the police said.Yeah the police were just wankers, really On Top and quite tight. They had some really heavy stuff they had a vehicle that had a whole office and computer system inside it just like a portable police station.-- and this is before the Criminal Justice Bill comes in.!? Eyewitness who "defied police by dancing until 8.30"


After the confrontation between police and party people in Oxfordshire at the end of October where 100 riot police entered a sealed warehouse inhabited by 200 dancers and proceeded to 'clear' the building, the time has come for both police, party organisers and local authorities to cooperate together to ensure 2 things. 1. The safety and rights of the people partying, the police and the local community. 2. The end of the waste of police resources and man hours used to curb party culture. End this confrontation , end this waste of police manpower, end the alienation of the young toward authority and society. Begin a dialogue.The police, local authorities and local residents have to accept one irrefutable basic tenant of our argument before we can go further, and that is - people are always going to want to party, to dance, to celebrate, always. It is not going to stop them by removing rights, implementing laws or using force. It's just a matter of how, where and when. The party people are just a part of the community (our community) as anyone else and deserve, at the least, a fair hearing and a modicum of tolerance and understanding. The local authorities have the power to grant licences to premises that can hold gatherings. These licences will only be granted after certain criteria has been fulfilled. Club owners have to provide adequate fire exits, sound-proofing, maximum fire numbers,etc. Co-operation between clubowners, Environmental Health and the fire brigade, for, not against adequate provision of spaces for recreational dancing and other purposes and control over large crowds of people is essential. Local authorities have the power to grant permission for gatherings on open land, and can grant licenses for designated for 'cultural' purposes, providing adequate provisions for safety, crowd control, parking, toilets, noise level, curfews, etc are met. Why don't they do it? Release the pressure!

The confrontation between Brighton authorities and the 'Courthouse' squat is an example. The old Court building opposite the Pavilion, which has been left to rot in the last 5 years, was squatted by the Brighton Campaign against the CJB. Since then these buildings have been renovated and transformed into a thriving centre, a focus for organising against the CJB and a base for numerous self organising community activities and projects, including a cafe, creche, artspace and workshops. What have the authorities done to support this initiative? Well, on the 2 November, they are under the threat of eviction and despite a spirited campaign by the time you read this they will be out, the building will be empty again, and the authorities will have alienated yet another group in their own community. Why?The alternatives to co-operation make grim reading. Conflict, confrontation and yet more conflict seem the only way forward, sapping resources and creating alienation. Draconian legislation that criminalises parties, festivals, protests and squatting and increases police brutality, custodial sentences, seizure of sound equipment and more is just the BEGINNING and is not the way to handle this social difference. Support of the CJB and it's anti-tolerance, anti-understanding stance is seen as a vote winner for the Tories (and Others). It is not really an effective way to encourage our society to live in peace, harmony and co-operation with itself.

In Canterbury for example, the 14 colleges and University entertainment premises are curfewed at midnight. The sole night-club at 2am. An application to open a new nightclub was refused on the grounds we already have a night club! An attempt to provide a free party on private land for 800 people near Canterbury was met with a £500 fine for "noise". No legitimate or illegal venues to party in allowed. Why?

Party people far from being law breakers, community disrupters and noise polluters are actually peaceful, co-operative law abiding citizens of the community. Who just happen to want to dance to music. Talk to them. Why is it that they constitute such a threat?You can hit us with 18" truncheons, run us over with horses, take us to court, jail us, hound us, persecute us as much as you want but we ain't going away. You won't break us. Curtail our freedom, if you can, but you won't sap our spirit. You won't stop us. We are doing nothing wrong. So why not talk to us?

5 April 2010

going beyond ourselves

An ancient Chinese proverb reminds us that " a time of crisis is a time of great opportunity". Outmoded patterns of thought are beginning to crack under the strain of change so rapid it borders on discontinuity, and overlapping crises are forcing us to totally re-evaluate the very basis of our being. At the still point within us all a new vision of reality, richly detailed yet strikingly simple, is beginning to take form. In part it is the holistic and contemporary view of ecology, mother of all sciences, that sees the perfect interconnectedness of all things, the jewelled matrix form-and-energy body of the world. In part it is the holy and ancient understanding of the spiritual paths that points to an underlying oneness in which the impossible union of opposites is made real. Our expanding vision must inevitably be a call to action, and it is abundantly clear that nothing less than selfless service and loving kindness - which accord with the truth of our oneness - are suited to the immense task we face.

3 April 2010

Must hang Sally

Glee Club, Bedfont, June

Farewell to the Royal Oak, Bedfont. At the end of June the old girl was meant to be pulled down to make way for a hotel complex to service Heathrow. What a bloody shame. tVC have done 3 parties here. And this is the farewell. We arrive as the blues band, who are on till 11, start their set. We can set up when the band has finished and go on till, ooh, at least 9am. Maybe beyond.

The last time we played here the very same blues band played covers, not your usual ones, but, well, mainly the usual ones, but a few wild ones thrown in, just to off kilter the mainly biker crowd (lovely chaps and chappesses). A Parliament song for example. Anyway at the end, around 11.15, they shout out; "Any requests?" and we were always shouting back, "Mustang Sally! Mustang Sally! Coz as everyone knows, this Commitments classic is to blues bands what Hi Ho Silver Lining is to wedding receptions.

But they never did it. Tonight, for the third time, the routine is well established. 11.15 comes. They finish their last song. "Any requests?" they shout. "Mustang Sally," some one behind the bar shouts. Every one in the pub is pissing themselves. It's a stitch up. 2 women jump from the crowd and stand behind a mic. The opening chords to Mustang Sally break out and the whole room is up, whooping and clapping and shrieking. We were on one, matey. Us cynical old clubbers, the rock flame long extinguished, suddenly re-ignites. And the power of rock music to move the emotions is there again for one bright, shining instant. Then it's over. By the time the band wring out 'just one more chorus', the horse is dead, been flogged and is rotting on the flesh by the time they finish. We put our rock spark back in its little cupboard, never to be seen again. Well, maybe when Jeff Beck's Hi Ho is played at the next wedding you appear at.

The blues has given the pub its swansong. Now it was the turn of house music. It's packed solid. "Right now!" shouts the landlord. "Everyone who's staying" (all of us) "is going to have to pay a fiver." It's a free party! What are you doing. Be quiet. "Or leave!" Half the pub stampedes at the door. The other half mumble protests.
Half an hour later the rig's up and running but there's no money to be extracted from the crowd. No money and lost half the crowd, not an auspicious start.

We don't care. We're used to playing to one man and his dog. Still there, people from Kent, Acton, Kingston, a right west London crowd. Adam turns up. Def E turns up. Oz and Shaun are here. They all do 2 hours. And it's bloody great. The DJs love these intimate soirees.

In the morning the landlord says, "You may as well take these," and pats two crates of Fosters Ice, "and have a drink when you get back!" Taa very much. And goodbye Royal Oak.

After following Charles' bassed up Audi for a while we stop and pick up 3 more sub bass bins that need to be loaded to make a noise with. Then head home, secure in the knowledge, that yes, we like London, we love doing parties there, but we don't half love going back to our little seaside town to watch a decent sunset.

1 April 2010

DiY 10th Birthday Party

Saturday 20th November 1999at the Drome, London Bridge, SE1
DiY Discs Room: Simon DK, Jack, Emma, Digs & WooshDiY Diversions Room: Groove Armada, Osborne, Shmoove, Yeti.Loungin' Room: Baby Mammoth (Pork), A man called Adam, Nail (Bent)
So that's what an amp rack looks like?emma DiYmain room 1am
main room down the front
8mm film alive and well
R rocking her vibe
diversions room
L forgets his party clobber
third take

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