24 March 2010

"where's Stevie Sea ya ?"

Once again 7th Heaven, Canterbury's premier house night (arf), becomes the temporary home of the KUDOS big guns Mark SHIMMON and James HASTINGS.

It does get a little repetitive saying this, but it is always totally true; yet another full house of up for it clued up clubbers dance and groove their way through yet another snorter house night.

tVC sound engineer (he likes to be called that) Randy "it's not loud enough" Ramsden brought in an extra two bass bins. Just for effect you understand. Later two representatives from the club upstairs came down and politely asked us to turn down the volume a bit coz the bottles behind the bar were rattling somewhat. Martyn grinned a cheesy sort of a grin. Maybe he was still high from the birth of his new son. Congratulations Jess. He got the call informing him of the birth in the middle of a party at the weekend. A big fat dooby was stuck in his Lillian and the champoo was popped. Aah, rock 'n' roll. Oh, whilst on the subject of babies congrats also due to DJ Jasper. The second proud father this month.

Rob Phelps, a headline DJ at any other time and make no mistake, warmed up, with a cosmic meander through the deep, soulful realms that only the best house music can provide. All round nice guy James Hastings was making his tVC debut in front of the discernibly staggering yet principled primates. So deep was he that even Ed was moved to positive comment. A tape of his set hasn't been off the rave mobiles stereo. Farking sooperb. Nice one James. Look forward to you working with us again. Aprils Glee Club is already pencilled in.

Here's another thing, and they don't have to say this, but every single guest DJ we've had at 7th Heaven, including James H tonight, have said "I love this crowd". Nick always adds "and it's only a Thursday".

Mark Shimmon played a, er, different one. First hour was his straightforward deep stuff and his experience in working a crowd shone through. Building step by step. Then, wham, suddenly we were transported back to "the good ol' days" when records production wasn't as good as the E's and when "Party Children" ruled the roost. Aah nostalgia. Doin' it only as Shimmon can.

The Kudos / LIQUID special at the Wax on Sat 19th Nov. was, sadly, the last at that venue. All those who ever attended one will, I'm sure, mourn its loss. But good news. Kudos is not defunct but is merely moving to a plusher, more central London location Soon. The music policy will "be toned down a bit". Watch this space for further details.

Seen skipping around the dancefloor tonight were the following miscreants. Maurice floating with love in his eyes going "this is the one, this is the song" to Party Children. The club owner Brian Jones was one of the people who came down from upstairs asking to turn it down. Ooops. Real sorry Brian it won't happen again. That dodgy sound and light merchant has had a good slappin'. Lampy sitting drinking orange juice and feeling sorry for himself (he was allegedly having a brain haemorrhage!) Instead he had a succession of female neck masseurs lamenting he wasn't on top form. Michaela dancing on the speakers (before being dragged off by a horrible letchy man who will be chucked out if spotted again). Rowan giving it welly. Cath making a welcome return after the vigours of a new boyfriend and all that entails. Pam and John making it up on the dancefloor. Niels aka DJ Cloud and T4 supremo seen jiggling around by the bar.

Pen - I'm getting a massive cheque tomorrow, honest - is, salesman extraordinaire and housewives choice, Aaron on his once a fortnight outing, Toby and co., Gazzer and Jon claiming they'd buried Pam in as cauliflower patch, Walt Savage in his best leopard skins, Anna and Dawneo, born to dance, Oochie Oochie shuffling away sexily, Bev, Italian Roberto, Dianne and Andy - good to see you again Dianne. But the burning question on everyone's lips heading back to HQ was "where's Stevie Sea ya ?"