2 March 2010



Second party this month at the 'EauZone' in Woolwich, and the first party promoted by Maurice, veteran sound engineer of the South East party scene. Name any big underground warehouse party crew over the past half a dozen years and the sound man behind it will probably be Maurice. Still working as hard as ever, next year will see him doing Nunca Nunac, Kudos, Perfect World, and ,er tVC parties amongst others.

With no time for publicity, no flyers and just a few phone calls (flash git), around 200 peeps assembled for an eclectic mix of DJ's pump their stuff. Standing out were Mark Shimmons happy, bouncy, vocal laden and, yes, poppy set. We were shocked. What would the experimentally minded Kudos crowd say? Warren on top from, and yes, he still played his theme tune 'American Natives'. And it's still blinding. Expect him down 7th soon. The female deep house to jungle DJ in room 2 surprised with a snorter of a set (sorry, but ignoramus that I am I've forgotten your name).The numbers were slightly down but there were a lot of other parties on the same night (FLYand Coalesce to name two) so the turn out was excellent considering. The only way is up, as they say. More please.