28 March 2010

Danny Rampling didn't turn up

Promised Radio 1 DJ Danny Rampling and Steve Proctor, among others, around 1000 people, queued, were searched rather thoroughly searched (confiscating Rizla, nice touch) and then crammed into Kents newest club experience in search of cheap thrills, good music and the strange yet satisfying pleasure of seeing DR fuck up a mix. (Only joking mate).

The party children from as far afield as Manchester and Cornwall, in the warehouse were hungry, passionately devouring the vibe, each other and the warm up sets. A discernible buzz was definitely in the air. Waiting to kick.The Club UK, Leisure Lounge promoters, who certainly seemed to know their onions, had spent a bit of money both on interiors, flyers and DJ's. A pro show. Indeed the large room was predominately draped in black with large backdrops reproducing the Cherubs from Raphael's "Sistine Madonna". Painted in 1514. Such sweet attitude, infantile boredom and endearing mischief could well be an analogy for clubbing in the 90's.

But something happened, or rather didn't happen. The something that never sparked, ignited. The night never really seemed to take off. We were all there. We wanted, all really wanted, it to happen but the anticipatory high gradually fizzled slowly out to a sigh. Why?

Immediate problems are difficult to couch in diplomatic patois.
1. Danny Rampling didn't turn up. (No fault of the promoter).
2. The rigs in both rooms were a tad disappointing.
3. The other DJ's and the crowd didn't really recover from point 1.

Please don't get me wrong. This is not unjustifiable criticism. Obviously the atmosphere is going to change as the DJ's change every week. Each week will have its own unique vibe depending on who is playing. And, you can be sure of this, once the place settles down, clubbers get used to it, the guests turn up, and the local residents (nice touch) get over their nerves, it will be a kicking club. The talent and potential are there. It is what Kent needs, badly.The promoters won't be too disappointed though. The teething troubles are relatively minor. Plus first nights, like in the theatre world, are notoriously nerve wracking for both performers and audience. Only over the coming weeks and months will we know. Watch this space.