24 February 2010

Avait une grande nuit

Hey Paul!
how's it going? hope you are well and all is fine in the bubble, whats been going on?
things here are cool - just kinda enjoying getting used to being here really, not up to much. sorted out a really nice pad to live in - spare room so come and stay any time. think i'll be needing to drag mates over to come and explore the nightlife with as i've not really plucked up courage to hang about in bars on me ownio yet! its fine tho - i only really miss going out for a few
beers at the weekend when of course everyone should be out talkin shit, drinkin beer and smokin spliffs!

weekday eves are easy to just chill in. and the place is really nice, sea, mountains, funny market to practice french in while i try and buy food - ha! quite entertaining really. also got mycomputer set up with adsl (or is is asdl??) finally, so am gonna look at downloading music and dvd's in a mo ..... i'm in slight danger of turning into someone who lives lift thru their computer! reallly really wanna go skiing, but don't fancy a) going on me ownio, and even more b) driving to find the place on snowy roads - yikes! think my desire to go is gonna help me overcome a) and b)!
work is okay, bit dull, but as its all new it keeps me guessing at the moment, guessing about whai'm supposed to be doing that is..... so thats me. what about you? write soon with news -
or no news :-) come and visit too - open invitation, don't wait to be asked.

well take care - oh yeah, get a skype account too for free internet talking - yes free! yep, geek girl has taken over .... taken over drunk falling down girl
that is .... zzzzzzzzz!
love L xxx

Veuillez pardonner me qui mon français n'est pas bon. Bon avoir des nouvelles de vous et ce qui vous vous installez OK. Wow. Online et tout. Meilleur que parlant sur le téléphone. Seulement a obtenu le billet à travers dure pour ça appel qui i a fait à vous 20 minutes et il a coûté £11.50. je seulement bavardage sur dans emails au lieu. Je suis OK. est pourtant le moulin un morceau avec délit civil qui m'a déchargé [unceremoniously] l'autre semaine seul me traîner dans sa pièce à sa réception de l'anniversaire une semaine fou rire plus récente aime une femme a possédé. Tout ce merde du montagnes russes émotif est seulement trop d'autrefois. Je vois encore son une fois ou au plus deux fois une semaine et nous sortons encore et refroidissons le truc donc
c'est positif et choses vont amende-ish encore. Ah ha ces jours de la pipe et [vibe] de la pantoufle. Réellement je ne manque pas ils l'un ou l'autre.
A commencé un nouveau cours pour travail nivelle 4 maths pour est capable d'apprendre numeracy de base. Il est niveau Comme et je [ai] pas maths faites pour années donc joue prise en haut premier avec un GCSE livre du étude alors je suis sur Un niveau alors finalement Comme niveau qui ce cours est monté à. Ne sachez pas pourquoi je suis y. Je suis comme ce gros morceau dérive et quelqu'un dit fait c'et je vais OK. Je suppose le vieux changeant vos décisions de la vie commencent avec pensées aime ce. Autrement travail est OK. Est-ce que je suis dans le travail bon? Enfermez et salaire les billets. Eh bien vie de l'amour qui est-ce qu'OKish travaille OKish ce qui environ la vielle vie sociale? Ne devez pas grogner et tout ce mais vous savez
quelquefois que choses peuvent être un morceau plus provocateur et passionnant. Je suis skint immobile donc suis actuellement organising des événements qui je peux obtenir dans pour libre et aime la musique aussi bien que fait l'habituel inscrit d'invité du blagging et m'obtient a invité
à réceptions du dîner et autre si d'intérieur bas dépense des poursuites destinées aux loisirs. Je n'ai pas ai obtenu dans jouer jeux ou cartes cependant mais a été sérieusement étant donné lui sur occaisions bizarre quand mes sommets du [insaninty] et hé il paraît comme une bonne
idée. J'ai été réellement dehors tout à fait un terrain et devient le maître du pas de dépense. Oh pas de merci je conduis suis mon favourite. Pas de qui je ne pouvais pas peut-être oh bien OK alors seulement une existence mon deuxième. Je suis aussi manque dans ponctuation minime au moment virgules éteintes seulement par égard pour lui seulement le voir comment lit et voir si je peux confondre m'et mon lecteur. Avait une grande nuit à Wheelers Pêche chose de l'Endroit dans la Bulle un on étrange DJing éteint dans Maidstone avec Shaun un Brenley très
étrange chose de la Grange et un wierd au revoir pour mon ami Lisa qui a seulement a déplacé à France et a commencé emailing je;) Phew, cercle plein. Bonne chance avec vous endeavours mon vieux chummage et vous jamais ne savez pas aussitôt que qu'i obtient du prix du billet de l'air et un morceau de truc du spendy qui je peux traverser y peut-être à demi terme qui sait et prend vous matraquez dehors la nuit avant que nous faisons du ski. Bien que j'étais censé aller à Amsterdam avec délit civil seul qui j'ai soufflé il au dernier moment voit des raisons
au-dessus . Drôlement assez d'une semaine après qui elle me disait le perdant du revoir du au. Ne faites pas se un rapport là d'une façon ou d'une autre.
Paul x

ha ha ha ha!
you are too modest - really. that french wasn't bad
at all, a few minor mistakes, but nothing that i'd
pull you up on massively! was gonna write back to you
in chinese, but thought that might be taking a joke
too far! very good, made me laugh.
made me laugh, but i've not much of an idea what you
were on about - you should have seen what it
translates back to! something about civil unrest and
emotional russian mountains. yes sireeee.
so another weekend is here again .... i'm gonna go to
toulon with a friend emma tomorrow and then we are
gonna drive back along the coast stopping off at st
tropez for a wander and a coffee ---- oh la la!
sounds nice, though, just a tiny seaside village, and
in the winter none of the posh, so thats a relief.
won't have to be spitting at anyone.
gonna try and be brave and drive up to the mountains
on sunday, maybe try a bit of a ski if i get there
before dark, its supposed to be an hour and a half
away - so we'll see.
so thats the days - evenings as i'm nobby no mates
still (dunno where to meet people, really can't face
going to bars on my own and talking to strangers ...
yet), i'm at home but its cool, got some wine, some
music, could do with some herbage but i guess you
can't always have everything!
so, you are gonna have to tell me again your news, in
english, as my french is clearly not as good as yours!
hope tings is good
love L xxx
that last email: scroll down to the bottom of the page for the english
i'll send you another email later about this weekend...
English Translation-
Good to hear from you and that you're settling in OK.
Wow. Online and everything. Better than talking on the phone. Just got the bill through for that last call I made to you. 20 minutes and it cost
£11.50. I'll just prattle on in emails instead.
I'm OK. been though the mill a bit with Tort who dumped me unceremoniously the other week only to drag me into her room at her birthday
party a week later giggling like a woman possessed. What is a man supposed to do? All that emotional roller coaster shit is just too much
sometime. I still see her once or at most twice a week and we still go out and do cool stuff so that's positive and things are going fine-ish again.
Ah those days of the pipe and slipper vibe. Actually I don't miss them either.
Started a new course for work doing level 4 maths in order to be able to teach basic numeracy. It's AS level and I ain't done maths for years so
am playing catch up first with a GCSE study book then I'm onto A level then finally AS level which this course is pitched at. Don't know why I'm
there. I'm like this lump drifting along and someone says do this and I go OK. I suppose the old changing your life decisions begin with thoughts
like that. Otherwise work is OK. Am I in the right job? Shut up and pay the bills.
Well love life OKish work OKish what about the old social life? Mustn't grumble and all that but you know sometimes things could be a bit more
challenging and exciting. I'm still skint so am currently organising some events that I can get into for free and enjoy the music as well as doing
the usual of blagging guest lists and getting myself invited to dinner parties and other such indoor low spend recreational pursuits. I haven't got
into playing games or cards yet but have been seriously considering it on odd occasions when my insanity peaks and hey it does seem like a
good idea. I have actually been out quite a lot and am becoming the master of the no spend. Oh no thanks I'm driving is my favourite. No I
couldn't possibly oh well OK then just the one being my second. I'm also into minimal punctuation at the moment missing out commas just for
the sake of it just to see how it reads and to see if I can confuse myself and my reader. Which it does a bit but is also kinda funny too.
Had a great night out at Wheelers Fish Place thing in the Bubble (pics here) a strange one out DJing in Maidstone with Shaun (ditto) a very
strange Brenley Barn thing (here) and a weird farewell for my friend Lisa who has just moved to France and has just started emailing me ;-)
who I didn't want to go but I knew she had to because she wanted to but hey I'm a selfish git just thinking of myself and the support she gives
me and it would only have meant me not seeing her as often as I'd like to (probably seen the pics but here they are anyway) but who I will visit
when I can.
Phew, full circle. Good luck with you endeavours my old chummage and you never know as soon as I get some airfare and a bit of spendy stuff
I may come over there maybe at half term (ah teacher stuff) who knows and take you out clubbing the night before we go skiing. Maybe not
the skiiing bit but you never know do you. Although I was supposed to be going to Amsterdam with Tort only I blew it out at the last moment
see reasons above. Funnily enough a week after that she was saying au revoir loser to me. Don't see a connection there somehow. She's OK
about it now. I took my punishment like the man I am.
Oh well. Write soon and I will visit just not this weekend maybe when the sun comes out and the snow has gone and I discover the use of
commas again coz I've read this back and its a little confusing. Don't take this missive as one long whinge. I'm only joking. I'm looking at it
from my usual cynical POV and I love my life really and I'm glad you're learning to love yours again. Take care. I'll talk to you soon.
Paul x
Short Version;
Went out some, played a few tunes some, listened some, talked some, ate some food some, saw a few chums, ate again, talked and listened
again, watched TV, bunked off work, went to college.
Long Version:
Well, Friday night I was DJing in Folkestone at the harp club which was a bit like a biker bar from a 70's Larry Cohen exploitation film; it had a
motorhead logo on the wall with a panty liner pinned underneath; it smelt of BO and beer mixed with stale cigarette smoke and all the seats
had rips in them; dogs wandered around and there were many people with piercings in places I would only rub moisturiser into and tattoos in
others I would only have my shirt sleeves over; a fluorescent light made everyone's skin look like they were extras from night of the living
dead; it stayed open really late and you had to get out through a side door; on the street, down the hill a bit, teenagers brawled and shouted
and the temperature was freezing but they were all wearing nice shirts. I really enjoyed myself actually in that ooh must stay straight so I get
out of this godforsaken town as soon as the needle is off my last record kind of vibe; luckily the people there made everything alright; having
left my tobacco in the car I spent most of my set frantically trying to get stoney to get me a pint and a fag and being rather thirsty swallowed a
lot; I'd bought some new records so was listening to new tunes; Stoney was depressed because his mate who was 53 was found dead and they
said he was as fit as could be; he'd caught some superbug and it killed him; It was also Sara's birthday but she didn't bother to come despite
the fact that she said she would but never mind. Ey. Instead, I heard, Linda came round to hers with a bottle of something or other spirit and
they sat in and drank it on their own. Much as I'd sat and watched Sara drink a bottle of tequila the week before I went off to the brenley barn
party after having a smoke with Sara. I took a car full down which included a rather upset rosier who had, just hours before, had an horrendous
punch up and hair pulling and shouting session in the street with Julia. Apparently she mentioned Simone. I must have been the full moon that
night. Also in the car was Cagey who, when we went into the club, went to the bar and bought me a pint but ignored rosier and tort standing
next to me and didn't buy them one. How quaint? Later, at home around 3am, he said how he enjoyed wetting people by driving past puddles
in his lorry and splashing them a la Bridget Jones's new movie. Tort, who had a pint of water in her hand, said later, that she was temped to
pour the water on his head and go 'how do you like it' but she didn't and later we still laughed at the image anyway.
Saturday Night was spent cooking a fine yellow bean curry with a bit of monkfish cut into chunks, some coconut milk, a few bits of nice
vegetables in season accompanied by some fat rice noodles all washed down with 2 bottles of spot on wine which I got at tescos earlier in a 2
for £8 reduced from £12 special, ooh, and a pear tart to follow then a bit of watching not very much on TV. Started falling asleep in front the 3
marias on BBC4 which is a Brazilian revenge western with a twist. The twist being it was really violent but it was women being violent so that's
OK, I guess, in a post modernist kinda way?
Sunday, after a long lie in and a loll around reading the papers and eating breakfast, with the central heating on full blast, listening to Spooney
and Vernon on radio 1, they are funny them two but in different ways, both bad, but funny, I went to Dukes and met a few people including
Cathy and brummy john where we talked a bit and John told of the flat he's buying and doing up in hernia bay with the help of his parents who
in the morning said it looks like snow and fucked off back to Birmingham leaving the half redecorated bathroom unfinished; he wasn't happy;
and then went and watched Nigel hobbins in the stables annexe play his guitar and sing; so that was nice. I came home around 3 to cook
Sunday roast vegetables with a quorn pie. That was nice too. Sunday night I watched my favourite show, Huff, on channel FX289, on TV and
also the third episode of Joey, the spin off from Friends, that I really wanted to be good but is only OK. Which is a shame.
Monday, today, about 20cm of snow fell overnight and it was the coldest night of the winter the weather people said; they were loving it; the
Thanet way was blocked and no trains went past my house; so I took the day off work. In the morning I worked on my maths assignment to be
handed in when I go to night school Tuesday night. In the afternoon I went for lunch into town at Tea and Times and had a roast vegetable and
mozzarella panini and salad. I looked around a few charity shops after to see if I could pick up a check shirt and cowboy hat for Emily
Bagpusses party next week, also at Brenley Barn. The theme being the wild west and me being particularly bad a fancy dress parties and all
that kinda stuff. I may have to settle on a fake moustache and a bandanna round my neck. Just for a cheap laugh. I bumped into Terry who
was also taking the day off. The kids on the estate were having one big snowball fight and I read in the paper that a boy had made a big
snowman which rolled on top him and killed him. Bizarre. After college on Tuesday night, which is in Thanet, I'm going to Jon and Jayne's to
talk to him about setting up his website so he can sell prints of his work on. I may, if I'm lucky, get fed and watered. Which will be nice.
Take care me old chummage ;-)
No! emoticons are not passé.