6 January 2010



Off into the night we wandered, wondering? Was it true that our favourite DiY DJ's were playing somewhere near tonight? Every effort was made, but this remained an unsubstantiated rumour, so after an embarrassing attempt to get into the club, that hopefully none saw (it has been an arduous festive season that has taken its toll on the synapses) we committed ourselves to the cavernous interior of Atomics.What a cold night, and where were the people? Warmed by the vibrant colours around us and the chummy nature of the few people that were there, we persevered, and well! When you least expect it, a good party happens. Whoever it was that played from 12 till 2, cheers mate, you lifted our spirits up to the usual housey heights, and for 2 hours we blissfully stomped and gurned away, our pleasure only marred by a few overly persistent males who ought to have known better. At 2am our spirits were treated to the brightly illuminated, muddy, bottle strewn floor - why does this keep happening? We need to party all night. An hours of 'where's the next party' ineptitude and bungling dispensed with and we found ourselves on the doorstep of Vogue. Welcome back to Kent Bonny, nice to see your smiling face again (cheers for letting us in for free). However, the rumbling erratic beats of Jungle failed to please us the way it obviously pleased the people around us, so the house whores made a speedy exit just in time to avoid being nicked for illegal parking and just in time to save the night with the sweet tunes of our most recently acquired tape and a blazing fire to consume us. Out again tonight, girls?!