10 November 2009

a blunted, laid back and very knowledgeable crowd


Big pull DiY fill 7th Heaven to the gills with a blunted, laid back and very knowledgeable crowd of deep house devotees who heaped offerings on the bi-umverate fluff gods. All hail o' bringers of much joy.

Arriving bang on time within 15 minutes they were watered and bundled onto the decks. We couldn't wait. From first to last note the floor heaved heavenly. Two and a half hours of perfectly formed art.

What a fucking shame it all had to end at two. Redundant licensing laws get right up our collective nostrils. A generous smattering of old school travellers mingled with the house whores, techno terrorists, hand-bag fascists (one of whom moaned, very loudly, ALL night. No prizes for guessing who). Plus a good sprinkling from around Kent (Ashford, welcome to the party, Maidstone, Dover, Folkstone, Margate, Whitstable, Lamberhurst - all over. Including several braces of Canterbury studentdom.

It was truly a gathering of the souls. Austin and Nad. Chris and Sharon. Russell's birthday bash. Dom. Martins monitor giving a little feedback for the first time ever. Soon sorted out. A great tape (feedback included) coming out of the night. Copies of which are floating around. One on its way to Nottingham.

A beautiful night of beautiful music. Kier and Tom in fine support. Holdin' their own. But then again WE know all about the talents of K+T don't we? Flying the house flag. Unfortunately for Digs and Woosh their return home proved somewhat spectacular. Ploughing into the back of another car they wrought considerable damage to theirs. If fact it's a write off. They, however were unscathed if a little pissed off. Life at the top ey?