8 November 2009

They're house fascists.


Loui's housewarming saw the Whitstable rodents soak it up in grand style. They were all there. Dawn ("who's that on the decks? Hmnn? Well he's fucking crap"), Anna ("don't forget! Sherlock tape from Ramsgate"), Lou himself and the new love of his life ("I don't think I'll make it to Digs and Woosh of Thursday. Haw! Haw! haw!"), Pam ("Can I just have a little lie down?"), John ("Where's Pam?"), Kate and Mr E ("I farking lurrve this tune"),Steve Burns Out, Gary, Sue, Toby adding glamour and glitz. Running out of DJ's at 6-ish (shame on you) meant the party fizzled out early. Cheers to Nick Renny for a nice house set. Nick, a slap (on the back) for her warm housey warmings on the deep, uplifting tip (duplifting anyone?). And Oz for exactly the same set he played at the D+W post 7th... gathering. Plus Tom Wells (and his glasses). And Mat (fresh from his three month DJ sourjorn abroad. Playing a hip-hop set here to a distinctly lack lustre response). Don't worry mate. They're house fascists. It wasn't anything personal.