6 November 2009

All the tVC big guns clocked on for deck spinning duties


Bigger house for this one. With a back garden just the right size for the love marquee Samhein never looked so good and we celebrated the Celtic new year with massive love doodles. All the tVC big guns clocked on for deck spinning duties (what happened to Friday night lads?) and jostled, in a polite way of course, for their usual two hour spots.The heavens opened, the camouflage in the kitchen fell down ("that", says one particularly disgruntled party peep, "is annoying"), the fire went out (thank fuck, the heat must have been about 200 degrees 5 metres away), everyone crammed into the house. The DJ thought it was the tune he was playing (daft bastard). The amp "over-heated" "Someone" had put their coat over it (duh!). Spare amp brought out. Plugged in. Two fuses blew. Shite. The H+H had cooled down and was working perfectly again. Luckily. To loud crys of "sorrrt tit owwwt!" we powered up and were off again. Thank you God. Everything going perfectly. Everyone settling down nicely and getting stuck in to the dancefloor. Brilliant.

Then a hand reaches over and rips the record, first off one deck, then the other. Even Tejen wouldn't do anything so outrageous (especially as he was in "Holland"). "Turn the lights on! It's the police!", a voice in the dark shouted in a somewhat aggressive manner. "You're not the fucking police", says a 'coatless' Stevey Sea, "where's your warrant card?" It turns out to be a disgruntled neighbour who didn't realise that if only he'd asked we'd have turned it down. Which of course we did. Oz carried on with his set. First vocal to be heard after this incident? "This is serious music...".

Liam, surprising everyone, including himself, by playing an uplifting, vocal laden set to a great reaction took our psylicibin addled cortex on his spacious soundtrack to machine elf land where we swirled around, playing with some pixies, grew extremely tall and flew around the sky for a bit. Ed and Kier, two separate sets of course, holding their own. Doing a good jobby. A five hour set at the end going to the only DJ that stayed. You who were there at the end know. And now you're on his crimbo card list.