27 November 2009

1997 part 21 - Nick had a hangover

All is calm and Nick’s pissed and I said let’s go upstairs (where they were having another sesh) only Rosie left her cartridge on the bar and someone stole it and they only have one cartridge between two decks and don’t want to come and ask for one of ours because I kicked off in the pub again. Phew!

Nick got out that one about Charlie giving me that CD at ‘Technology Night’ that he’d took ages to get it back off R, but it wasn’t one of the pirate software CD’s but a Dutch porn CD. She called him Throbbin’ but he denied the existence of it and I said I knew he had a sex life. Somewhere. But R seemed OK about that little slap and handled it quite well which me makes me look a little stupider than I already feel at the moment.

The next morning Nick had a hangover – the first in ages – and I sorted some liver salts and 2 paracetamol and we made sweet, short love. She said that I’d had an erection for hours in my sleep.