20 November 2009

Renovating Max

Cabbaged at the EK

Remember the pub with that dull smell, stained walls, carpet and curtains etc. The mobile phone freaks (real and fake) lurching, taking their time with that never ending game of pool (they must be crap, because we can clear the table in less than 5 minutes). Well, some things are no more! Max has had a re-fit. It was not quite finished as we descended on our seasonal winter come down soiree on a Sunday.

Dancing or sophisticated stumbling around has been catered for by the area being opened out a bit more, the beam being raised to hopefully cater for Pen, who we haven't seen for a while. The floor has been stripped bare, to reveal waxed floorboards and wooden paneling around the walls, with a shelf on which to put records, so no more stumbling over record boxes/bags.

And, thank fuck, no more fake, red leather seating! Unfortunately some things which have not changed are sleeping figures that still manage to adopt a slumbering position on a chair somewhere, and the dominant voice of Max. The DJs: Oz, Shaun and Wesley or (Weso). Rosie (steadily improving her lager consumption, all of two-and-a-half pints now) Rebecca who is doing far too well for herself (good on yer girl!) Simon S, and not forgetting Mike SU, who has returned down South because he couldn't handle the cold weather, all playing to the dutiful posse.

tVC is the only deep house system in the South-east to maintain the level of delightfulness with never a dull moment/sound, with a lot of bloody hard work and effort that goes into the set-up. You can always turn up at a party and rely on a good sound, and the fact that the team members do work together with a mutual understanding, despite what you may see on the outside. We may argue and squabble over trivial misunderstandings, but these inevitably only last the duration of how much strong lager you have drunk, which could be somewhat countless.

tVC may have had their 'euphoria years 86-93', and then their 'come down years 93-95', followed by their 'post come down reassessment 96-97', but hey, who's complaining. We don't have to put up with arrogant, rude bouncers, bright lights and expensive over the top priced lager. We party hard, in the summer thanks to our friendly, bewildered farmers/landowners, and carry on in the winter. We welcome new friends, we have breaks from old peeps (but not that long). If you have been dancing to tVC since 86, then you're likely to still be stumbling with your mates in 98 and onwards.

Music is always being produced, with dedicated DJs playing it, and really the movement of the Deep House sector has never been better. It moves on, refusing to stagnate.

Remember the last 10 odd years, but don't stagnate on them, look forward to what is happening in front of you and ahead of you. If you're not shown appreciation at the time, it doesn't mean you're not appreciated, because we all are by the fact that we are still going strong, as part of tVC, one of the UK's longest running sound systems, who continually produce a fucking excellent place to be, with the sound to compliment. Even in the EK.