17 October 2009

Mixed Up Blenda

With breaking news ringing in our ears that on this very day the brewery bar in Whitstable had had it's license revoked, or as they so succinctly put it, "were having a refurb", we set off for autumnal Margate and a couple of tVC sets at the lovely Lido bar and the Jammix promoted The Blenda; an evening of fun and frolics. Now everyone concerned with the brewery bar and even those that were there that night are being very cagey about the incident that occured that closed the place.

My little bird whispered that it was a feud between two families that spilt over in the club; that the bouncers were involved in much of the violence; that those who witnessed it were scared. Nick Stroud, promoter of the Delicious night that all this happened at, was being very conspicuous by his silence and he didn't answer any of my questions directly. All he would say was that the bar would reopen on the 11th November with a new door policy and a new team of door supervisors. All very mysterious.

Anyway, enough of all that crap. It's been said before in this very blog that the place needs a serious looking at and hopefully this incident has focused everyone’s minds on just such a task. So what did we do instead? A little bunch of us made the effort to get out of the bubble and go to the blenda for a much needed dose of electronical musical variety. Twas one of those nights when a real friendly bunch of dance music aficionados’ braved the cold and the wind to gather together on a dance floor and shake our little booty's.

early on in the evening...

Oz and Si were booked in as warm ups for the early bird sets and with a little pumped up deep house and tech for a couple of hours the dance floor was softened up nicely for Dantrix who took it up another notch. This was to be the format of the evening as each successive DJ played it slightly harder and faster than the last. Much fun ensued as friends old and new lubricated the social oil with loads of cheap booze and lots of genuine smiles. The Subsdance rig providing more that enough steam to keep the old ears filled with sound.

Well done to everyone who was there especially Dan and Louise, nick beats, Si and Lin, the other DJ's on the night TACCHINNI, Loop-E-Lu, Dee James Brown, Nik Beats & Lil John Woodcock,Stempy as well as chums Clare, Becky D and her mate, Stoney, jenny and PD from subs, now ey and little bean, Cary grant, jay and tam, jayney d, margate john, sue and new chums Emma, daz and James and all the rest of the unite team for bloody well making the effort to promote such a lovely party. Next one down the same venue is on Boxing Day, then Subsdance, tVC and unite taking it over for new years eve. Lucky us indeed.