6 October 2009

The Glee Club

Saturday 6 MarchThe Royal Oak, Bedfont
Day two into the 3 day sesh. A longer drive than last weeks, via the M25. We set out at 7, van loaded by Oz, Nick and Rosie (again), expecting to spend hours in the cab with no music. We listen to a programme about Jimmy Hendrix. The sounds of the guitar cut right through my head, leaving my teeth on edge. For the first time that I can remember, the M25 has no cones or road works on it, so it takes us less than 2 hours to get to the pub. We park up and go inside, just in time to catch the pub band's complete set. We sup beer and wait impatiently to hear some music of the more soothing variety. As soon as 11 arrives, equipment is already being carried in from the van, with a few more helpers this time to ease the process.Within 1/2 an hour every thing is up and ready, and sound is being delivered to our aurally damaged membranes. We start to relax and welcome old chums and new, to our new twilight world. The second party we've done in this chummy pub, we feel welcomed and at ease and skip gleefully across the tartan carpet, feeling sad that it will soon be knocked down and replaced with a 5 star luxury hotel. The bar area in which we have had so much fun interacting will become the jacuzzi and sauna area. It feels as though it is already in practice for the sauna side as it gets incredibly hot. I find I can only leap around for 5 minutes before having to sit down and get my breath back. Luckily I remembered to apply my super strength deoderant for once. Tania is leaping around in a top only she could wear and get away with (see bottom photo below).