7 September 2009

tvc do lounge on the farm 2009

Comment by creaky middle-aged teenager

You Gotta Keep Movin’ Or You’ll Be Left behind

Experience about getting into the festival was excellent. Staff were friendly and helpful and queues were short and fast moving. Security, I thought, was tight but fair and my wrist band was checked every time I went into the main arena. Even when it was raining and I had my coat on I was asked to pull my sleeve up so they could check. We camped in the big field with the rest of our middle-aged festival chums, ignoring all advice to “camp on the high ground in case it rained”. The teenagers “up the hill”, and there were a lot of them, I thought were great and on the whole very well behaved. Ok, so they got a bit pissed. What’s wrong with that? The majority had worked very hard over the past 2 years to study for their GCSE’s and surely deserved the chance to let their hair down and celebrate as only British kids can. I was glad that they were allowed to do that in a safe environment and that they weren’t hassled too much by security. They were really one of the highlights of the festival for me. Was great to see so many young people running around having fun. You only have to look at festivals like Latitude or Glastonbury to see that the claims of festivals becoming “too middle-aged” may ring true for them but not for LOTF. These festival goers of tomorrow, I’m sure, will be loyal Loungers for many years to come. So, big up the younger element and encourage more to come next year. If they are unaccompanied they have to pay full price. They can only buy booze if they are over 18 and have proof of age; and by all means search and remove booze from them if they are underage, but as for the rest the more the merrier and keep LOTF for ALL age groups. Food wise it was great as usual; loved the Rob Lounge's Farmhouse pie and mash and Suzanne’s Good’s Shed picnic packages. Cold beer was my favourite; no, they’re not a band but lovely, bubbly brown liquid in plastic glasses. Just loved hanging around the bar tent for other reasons too; so many great DJ’s playing so much great music all weekend. Looked after so well by Ali! Loved Samondi on the Further Stage and Bent in the cowshed. My girlfriend and I were dancing to Mr Scruff in the Hoedown Tent and she says that she’d love to hear Get a Move On, his big hit from 10 years ago (recently remixed by Ninja Tune) that she loves so much. I said he’s on for 6 hours and we are on the way to see Samondi now. Just as we were leaving he played it. That old tune is getting on a bit but it reminds me so much of the Big Chill that we just had to join in with the dancers in the full tent to enjoy 10 minutes of pure Scruffness. A real highlight for us. One last thing before I go; thanks for the free Scruff download. Now I can listen to the rest of his set that I missed.