28 September 2009

"Sexy Music for Sexy People"

Saturday 23rd December

For those of you who don't know what the Flirt boys do down at the Penny Theatre every third Saturday of the month, may I advise you to catch up with it all the next time around. For those of you who do know however, you amy have heard it all before (seeing as they play the same old disco classics each gig) so have I, but I still feel it's worth looking up time and time again.

Driven by Andy (AJ) Jones, the deep roots of the dancefloor are reborn under the careful attentions of Avalon Jon, AJ and Kyle. Now the name of the game is disco. Yes, Flirt is a night focused (soul)y on disco, the same old groove that lends a thousand rips, licks and samples to the ever present House movement. It may be a little bit on the cheesey side, but hell, the "Flirtatious", they love it, and tunes such as "The Street Player", "Car Wash" and "It's Raining Men" are timeless.

Flirt is now in it's third year and has always dropped a quality dance night without any compromise. However the undoubted stars of the show are the die-hard Flirt massive themselves. Encouraged to "wear less to impress" there is free entry to those who look the part. Thereby the Flirt crowd is an uninhibited army of flare wearing , glitter lashed groove chicks, intent on doing it large.

Infiltrators catching the vibe included beards, K and T, Vicki (of Mr Lard), Baz (more often found banging out tunes in the M of K), mark and Anthony (always larging it) and of course myself. Needless to say, we all were drawn on to the Flirtatious frontline to funk.

Warning: The Penny is still a sweatbox.