8 September 2009

He feels most perturbed

Feels like I'm being stalked by A. I'm getting half a dozen texts a day from her and she’s calling too. I know I'm not really. Oh, its all nice things like ‘wanna come to J’s for tea’ but it’s making me feel under pressure a bit and I don’t like that.

So, to alleviate the pressure, I’ve invited her to the film being put on by the Stop the War mob at Dukes this Thursday; The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. I only go down to see N anyway, but a few beers with A might not be so bad. She’s said she likes me and I might as well see if we get on. One worry though; she used to go out with my lodger, D, 20 years ago.

Me, R and T met for lunch Bank Holiday Monday. Mistakenly we went to Dukes in Whitstable. This is the first time we three have got together for lunch for over two years. ‘Only D is missing now’ I say. ‘Where is he?’ says R. Jokingly. Just like at the Wall for Bens Ego the night before I have one either side of me but this time they are both talking to each other. It’s a bit stilted but at least they are around the same table. T was recovering from her dumping session the night before and was a bit fragile. Her meal was awful. They’d used pickled artichokes instead of fresh ones. When we complained they said ‘well, you’ve eaten more than half of it’. Tossers. We won’t be eating there again in a hurry.

So, walked into the pub and Ben is sitting there. He waves and goes; ‘déjà vu’. Bens Ego are playing in the pub this afternoon. Déjà vu indeed. After the gig and lunch T decides to get the bus. It doesn’t arrive. Us lot arrange for a drink down the Fountain. I said I was going to get my car and meet them there. T is still at the bus stop when I leave. It’s raining. I fetch my car and pull up at the bus stop. ‘Come on’, I say ‘I’ll give you a lift home’. It feels just like old times. Weirdly. I mustn’t get sucked back into ‘looking after’ her again. The next day I just send her my usual text joke and leave the ball in her court.

Back to the past here; I drop her off. She invites me in. we smoke and drink tea. She does all the talking. Working through her split with Jay. Analysing her reasons and motivation, minimising the hurt. She laid it out on the line. I admired her honesty. She did exactly the same to me. Said the spark wasn’t there. Laid it out straight. J cut his losses and agreed to fall on his sword. He picks his stuff up on Tuesday. Which may explain why T hasn’t contacted me. Think I’ll leave it alone for a day or two.

What I need to do today is ring M up and see how things are going with him and C.

This is going to be a real tough week for my good, old friend and he’s going to need all the support I can give him. He’s just been round mine tonight, with Mike for a mix and a curry. He ain’t seen C. She just rang him tonight, Wednesday, saying she was back in the UK. He knew she was actually back on Sunday night. He feels most perturbed.