4 September 2009

1997 part 25 - decidedly standoffish

Nick bumps into Polly on the stairs and she’s “decidedly standoffish.” Must be the other night when Lisa rang one of them awful chat lines and didn’t even get to speak to anyone, an that was about 5 minutes at 49p a minute. After Lisa made that call I rang a Polly to see what was up.

Now I know Nick had work Saturday and wasn’t up for much but when Polly said they were going to have a party at Jane’s with Rosie I asked “why?” and she took the hump big time and went to bed. Jane was still in hospital at this time and using her place while she was ill seemed inappropriate to me.

Anyway that was Friday night and this is Sunday. After what can only be diplomatically described as ‘a quiet night in’ watching TV with Nick staring vacantly ahead and not making one tiny effort to communicate or socialise with me or anyone or anything – even the cats – I wake to find she’s already gone at 6.30am.

Tonight will be the first gig we’ve done for, well, a week and I’m expectant of good things. I just hope that with all the rest she’s had she’ll be able to put some effort into talking to me tonight. You know, I don’t want big things like hugs and kisses like what full people have. We can’t expect to be a full on couple so soon after our emotional instability. So, one step at a time eh?