25 August 2009

sunset / sunrise

I nearly wept with pride everytime I looked to the dance floor at the party people doing their thing. So lovely.

I was thinking this inside my head, of course. Outside my head I was a bit pissed on cider from the few cans I'd had round J and R's earlier.

Oh yeah, then I had a few more ciders in the Old Beach Bar with the fluffy DOD people. Forgot about that.

“G, we need your wood” was the text. Ten minutes later a fire was up and running near the ‘dance floor’. “There’s the dance floor”, says G, unfurling a carpet onto the stony beach. “Nice! Let’s get started”. Set up and running with a full tank, black silhouettes approach us from the Beach Bar illuminated by an arc light on their backs. They looked like they were in a Tarantino film (but not Inglourious Basterds, which is a bit poo. One of his cool films). “That arc light is turned off when the bar shuts”; which it duly did.
Time to turn the volume up. But just a little :-)And so it came to pass; the night, and, hey, it was suddenly starting to get near daylight and everyone was behaving in that way people do when the sun is coming up? You know, the energy level increases, chatter swells, everyone turns towards the horizon and enters that wistful sunrise moment. A shared private moment. 'Twas a well good little vibe on everyone's mind. Know what I mean?