14 August 2009

'Peter Cushing Lives In Whitstable'

L called me today. Is planning a secret meal out tonight for his old mate M. 'Don't tell him!' he laughs. Him and M, 'back in the day', used to go on these massive speed binges, constantly topping up with spoonfuls of this white powder in a massive plastic bag. M could take apart a motor bike and reassemble it in a couple of hours. L was in a band called 'The Jelly Bottys' or 'The Jelly Botties'. Their most famous song was 'Peter Cushing Lives In Whitstable'. Which he did. At the time anyway. He's dead now but, hey, you should have seen the funeral
courtege pass through the town. Every head on the crowded street was bowed. They'd play it down the Labour Club and the whole audience would sing along with gusto to the chorus.

L recently passed his HGV test and is touting around for work. Think he actually rang me up to tell me that he'd just bought a £300 SatNav for his truck. Boys and their toys. It's good to see him fired up again anyway. Since the 2 girls have arrived it's grounded him a lot and prioritised his thinking but i think he finds family life a little dull. M has six kids. Him and M still have a little coke binge now and again, every month or so, just to remind themselves of their younger incarnations. Been friends a long long time see! That brings to the table something...