5 August 2009

Paid In Full; slow news day...

A day of payments fulfilling a few weeks of debts owed. It’s tough shit buying a cheap council house on a “troubled” council estate – which I have – then defaulting on the mortgage. Which I have. Only by juggling credit card cash withdrawals and putting them straight in to my bank account have I staved off another nasty letter from GMAC RFC; the most heartless bunch of bastards in the whole of capitalism. Ha!

Also paid J off the £300 odd quid I owed for the hol in Portugal. Minus her air fare for Biarritz; which she bailed out on at the last minute. But you know all this anyway. She’s still blanking me anyway so she’ll just have whistle if she wants the rest. Really thinking about fucking her off anyway. No, don’t think about that again. Not for now anyway…

Just need to arrange this £450 with MDM for the speaker repairs and we’re off again. At least with the rig up and running again we can earn a bit of extra cash doing the old wedding and birthday vibe. Roll on.

Also learnt today that the project I work on may have it’s funding pulled in June. A whole 6 months early. Fuck; I better start looking for another job quick. Do have one I could go for; working in Sheppey. App form needs to be in by 31st Jan. I better get on it.

My flat mate D leaves next weekend for a 40 week job in Cornwall. He’s a builder boy and being corrupted into the ways of cocaine fuelled prostitution use by this “mate” of his; R. I’ll tell you more about the saga me him and R had the night a police sniffer dog decided to follow the trail of a burglar to the front door of our house.

Oh, last but not least, on a slow news day as it were, P&J have finally sold up; bought their round the world tickets and are off the 14th Feb for a year. We’re gonna have a little farewell party for them and a meal out at the Moroccan restaurant in Canterbury.