4 August 2009


To celebrate the coming of age of Tangentopoli -21 this issue - Zombie Face, Joy Swirl, or Mental Continuum (or whatever he wants to call his selves) is sponsoring a COMPETITION. Yet another first for Tangentopoli - its meaning finally revealed by "The Observer" as "the corrupt entanglement of politics and business" (but what politics and which business you might ask).

Before the beginning, Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead Lyricist, wrote down the "Ten Commandments of Rock and Roll" on stoned tablets:

1. Suck up to the Top Cats.
2. Do not work to express independent opinions.
3. Do not work for the common interest - only factional interest.
4. If there's nothing to complain about dig up some old gripe.
5. Do not respect property and persons other than your own.
6. Make devastating judgements on persons and situations without adequate information.
7. Discourage and confound personal, technical or creative projects.
8. Single out absent persons for intense criticism.
9. Believe that anything or anyone you don't understand is trying to fuck with you.
10.Destroy yourself physically and morally and insist that all true brothers and sisters do likewise as an expression of unity.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO to win the star prize is to write down 10 examples (one for each of the 'commandments') of how the Party Posse is different from the Rock 'n' Roll Posse.You can use examples of parties you have been to or indeed write down anything else that comes into your head. The person submitting the most appropriate examples will receive a copy of Rushkofs "Cyberia" that handy guide book to cyberspace and guaranteed to blow your mind - anytime. Entries to Oz or Nick in (or on) a plain brown envelope.



1. Suck up to the people with the best drugs. (myself usually). No problem.
2. Leave all monies at home/in car. "It's my girfriends".
3. Dissappear before the rig is due to be moved.
4. Get pissed on fizzy, shit drinks on Sunday.
5. Respect no one's property, especially your own. (See 2. Wow man, go on, it's only money!)
6. Take devastating drugs.
7. Take the piss out of people gushing on E.
8. Shout at everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday.
9. Ignore people in the week who were your best mates at the party.
10. Go on, lend me a tenner till Monday.

Austin contributed the winning (and only) entry.