1 August 2009

The Lovely

Was wondering why Julia had expressed such an interest in me not turning up to the staff developmental meeting yesterday? Maybe she’s fishing around for excuses or building up a portfolio of reasons to haul me into the office and castigate me at the least and sack me at the most.

Talked to a colleague, the lovely H, who said she also had not attended the meeting on Monday morning at 8am (they are taking the fucking piss there a bit don’t you think?) either but had not received a message from Julia mentioning that their absence was noted. She’s a real sly old cow that Julia. Anyway, I went out of my way to mention to the Lovely H that I though it surprising that I’d received a complaint but she hadn’t.

H was full of her weekend with her new boyfriend Jules who she met whilst she was holidaying at her other home in Spain. She besotted by him and he’s moved over to the UK and is now living in a caravan in H’s garden with her. She rents out the house to lodgers and lives in the garden.

They went down to a Hed Kandi night in Margate and she said it was brilliant! Spent most of the time though in the back room where a local DJ was playing; Jasper. 'You heard of him' she said? Oh yes! Jasper used to play a lot with us in the past particularly at the free parties and a festival we played at in France: Out There. A real nice guy and a good DJ so it was lovely to hear that he was still DJing and DJing really well.

‘Oh Paul, he was fantastic’ said the Lovely H.

Speaking of lovely; talked to the Lovely Lisa yesterday. Though she’d gone off on one. Scouse said that he’d been talking to Leila, one of L’s friends in London, and had said that she was ‘on a bit of a bad one’. We normally Skype each other at least once a week and I hadn’t heard from her for a while so hearing that news I started to get a bit worried. I texted her. Nothing. Skyped her. Emailed her. No reply. Was starting to get a bit more worried. Texted her good friend Linda, yes, you guessed, the Lovely Linda, and she said she hadn’t heard from her for a while.

Then out of the blue a text from her! Saying she’d been told to remove Skype from her machine at work and had just been away for a few days skiing with friends in the Alps. Panic over. We chatted on Skype with our shitty headphones and mic set up till it packed up then resorted to the old typing to finish off our conversation. Really good to hear from her again. She has had a bit of a crisis lately and has decided to pack in her well paid but boring job in France and join a group called SunSeed. Not only that she wants to cycle down to the south of Spain where they are based. Good on ya Lisa. That’s one of the things I love about her; her spontaneity.